Beware of elite prices offered by some life insurance brokers

  As in all fields, there are also rogues in life insurance. These insurance brokers promise you the moon: elite prices. Why do they do it? Well, [...]

Joint life insurance: prepare your estate wisely

  ANALYZE YOUR NEEDS TO PREPARE YOUR LEGACY Nowadays, joint life insurance with payment of death benefit at second death is more a question of liquidity. Indeed, [...]

How does the taxation of life insurance in Quebec work?

THE COMPLEXITY OF TAXATION OF LIFE INSURANCE When it comes to tax regulations concerning life insurance, it is rather complicated. For ordinary people, it can be difficult [...]

Can you get life insurance in Quebec if you smoke pot?

DO YOU NEED TO SAY GOOD-BYE TO LIFE INSURANCE IF YOU LIKE POT? As you probably know, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s electoral campaign promise to « legalize [...]

How much does it cost to take out a group insurance for your business?

CHOOSE THE BEST GROUP INSURANCE PLAN FOR YOUR NEEDS! According to employee surveys across all ranks, access to a group insurance plan is the most sought-after benefit [...]

What is the price of disability insurance in Quebec: Will it replace your income?

According to the Quebec Statistics Institute, the average salary of a person in Quebec is $24.23 per hour in 2017, which gives him an average weekly salary of [...]

In case of a disappearance, what happens with the life insurance?

WHAT HAPPENS TO A LIFE INSURANCE POLICY IF THE PERSON HAS DISAPPEARED? A husband, wife, or even a partner, suddenly disappears from civilization without a trace. Despite [...]

How to collect indemnity from the life insurance of a loved one who has passed away?

THE STEPS TO COLLECT MONEY FROM LIFE INSURANCE  Upon receipt of the proper documentation proving the death of an insured individual, the insurer must (within 30 days) [...]

What are the 15 most dangerous jobs in Quebec?

If we add deaths due to occupational diseases,  the building sector becomes the most dangerous, ahead of the sectors for mining, quarries, and oil, with 56 deaths [...]

Should you take out life insurance for your child?

DO YOU NEED TO INSURE YOUR CHILD? It is a great joy to welcome a newborn baby into your home. Grandparents and friends rush over to give [...]

The cost of Life Insurance around 40 years old

WHAT PRICES SHOULD YOU PAY AND WHY? When the majority of Quebecers approach their forties and its psychological effects, they suddenly realize that they need to protect [...]

Let us compare group life insurance prices for you!

  Protect your family or employees with group life insurance   What is group life insurance and who benefits from it? Group Life Insurance offered at work [...]

Before and after 30 years old: The real cost of life insurance

  AT 30 YEARS OLD, WHAT IS THE REAL COST OF LIFE INSURANCE? Should younger generations turn away from life insurance because they see this product as [...]

72% of Quebecers prefer talking to an insurance professional than a robot

  WHY SHOULD YOU SPEAK TO AN EXPERT AND NOT BUY DIRECTLY? In terms of life insurance, nearly one third (72 %) of Quebec’s population indicated a preference [...]

Independent Life Insurance Brokers VS Captive Life Insurance Brokers

  BEST SERVICE: INDEPENDENT BROKER OR CAPTIVE BROKER? « The customers’ interests come first! » announced brokerage companies and insurance companies. Who is right? Nobody? Everybody? The link between [...]

What good is a financial security advisor in Quebec?

AT THE SERVICE OF THEIR CUSTOMERS, THESE PROFESSIONALS WILL GUIDE YOU WITH EXPERT HANDS! The person who has the last word in planning your budget should always [...]

Why choose permanent life insurance in Quebec?

WILL YOU SAVE MONEY IF YOU SWITCH YOUR TEMPORARY LIFE INSURANCE TO PERMANENT LIFE INSURANCE? When it comes to choosing life insurance here in the province of [...]

The truth behind your mortgage life insurance finally revealed + How to save up to 30,000$

Your mortgage life insurance is too expensive? You’re probably right! In fact, a majority of home owners pay too much for their mortgage life insurance for the [...]

Life insurance vs. Mortgage life insurance vs. Mortgage insurance: let’s clear this up!

Nothing’s more confounding when shopping around for a mortgage than immersing yourself in the insurance domain. Your bank suggests you take a mortgage life insurance, your friend [...]

What’s the price of life insurance for people over 60?

Life Insurance when you’re over 60: secure your financial heritage Whole life insurance and its advantages from age 60 onwards Is term life insurance worth it when [...]

Where to Buy Insurance – Insurance Agent, Insurance Broker or Direct Insurance

When the holidays are approaching, it is highly unlikely that life insurance is on anybody’s shopping list. Millions of Canadians are still without life insurance or are [...]

The Best Life Insurance Tips to Live by in 5 Minutes

Most individuals don’t think much about life insurance. In fact, tell people you are a life insurance agent and chances are high that you’ll be left alone. [...]

Seniors Life Insurance for 60 Years and Older

We like to think that when we retire, we would be free of debt and financial obligations.  We should be able to spend our savings as we [...]

No Medical Life Insurance Coverage

If you are a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, or have a valid work permit, you can qualify to get no medical life insurance coverage. This doesn’t [...]

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