The importance of critical illness insurance in Quebec.

The importance of critical illness insurance in Quebec.



More and more people are affected by mental health problems.  Maybe it has not happened to you, but you certainly know someone who has been there. Many people, at some point in their lives, will be confronted by this modern scourge including depression, burn out, and anxiety.

In an October 2017 Ipsos survey conducted among 2900 Canadians between the ages of 29 to 80 revealed that almost 50% of Canadians suffer from mental illness. In fact, 37 of citizens suffer from anxiety and 30% will eventually face depression. (source )

If you have not suffered depression or anxiety before, you belong to the 50% of Canadians who are fortunate. far. Many people thought they were safe from this silent malady until it hit them.

Find out about the possibility of critical illness insurance coverage. Our partners, insurance brokers and insurers,  can advise you how to protect yourself from financial repercussions that mental health problems can cause.

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Whether it is work-related stress or schizophrenia, there is no age or special profile that is immune from mental health problems. Generation Y, that is people aged 20 to 34 years old, is apparently the most at risk, with a rate of 63%. Generation X follows at 50% while baby boomers at a rate of 41%.

The numbers speak for themselves. Mental illness is affecting more and more people. To help solve this problem that seems to be steadily growing, it is essential to talk about it. Historically, mental health has been a taboo subject and many see it as a sign of weakness to admit to anxiety or depression. Yet, it is a danger of our times and as for as long as the prejudice remains, things will not improve.

If you have a mental health problem, you are not alone.  A large network of professionals exists in Quebec to help you overcome this difficult problem. Consult a doctor, call 8-1-1 Mental Health Information, or use the Employee Assistance Service, if you have access to services provided for employees in your company.

Statistics from the mental health study:


Statistics to think about

How critical illness insurance can help Canadians.

According to the Ipsos survey, only 28% of people affected by mental health concerns talk to their supervisors at work while 56% of workers suffering from physical disability inform their employer.

This is a huge difference which proves, once again, that mental health remains a taboo subject at work.

STATISTICS ON GENERATION Y (from 20 to 34 years old)

63 % Have had a mental problem in their lifetime.
51 % Have already had an anxiety disorder.
37 % Have already suffered from depression.
33 % Respondents who have not disclosed their problem to a professional.
63 % Have had a mental problem in their lifetime.
51 % Have already had an anxiety disorder.
37 % Have already suffered from depression.
33 % Respondents who have not disclosed their problem to a professional.
63 % Have already had a mental problem in their lifetime.
51 % Have already had an anxiety disorder.
37 % Have already suffered from depression.
33 % Respondents who have not disclosed their problem to a professional.
49 % Have already had a mental problem in their lifetime.
27 % Respondents who have not disclosed their problem to a professional.


Do not let social stigma about mental health affect your choice to take out critical illness insurance

Even though we have been hearing about it for a number of years, prejudice on the subject of mental health remains.

With the number of hours spent in the workplace, it is difficult to leave your troubles at home.

Businesses not only have the power but also the responsibility to ensure the mental well-being of their workers. It is important that they provide a healthy environment as well as security and support through resources and tools made available to their employees to promote mental health. Thus, employers can be sure to have the best employees which will be to their advantage.


How to find the assistance you need

Despite the fact that mental health disorders have been prevalent in Canada for a long time, many people continue to keep silent about their situation. Not less than 27% of respondents say that they have never seen a mental health professional when they should have. Surprisingly, Generation Y seems the least inclined to open up on the issue (33%), unlike the previous generation (27%) and baby boomers (23%).

Our society seems to regard physical disorders and mental illnesses from totally different perspectives.

It is true that the symptoms of mental illnesses can be more difficult to explain compared to physical ones. Back pain can be more easily described than emotional pain.

It is important for the common good for people to know that they do not have to suffer in silence and that there is no shame in seeking help, whether from a family doctor or a mental health specialist. Overcoming the stigma attached to mental health disorders start with mental health education at home and at work.


Tips to lessen the effects of mental health problems

In addition to moral support from loved ones or a treatment prescribed by a psychologist or psychiatrist, what can you do to improve your mental health?

Have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. A good diet and exercise help to promote mental well-being.
Seek help from a professional. Your doctor is qualified to provide you with advice and solutions to help you get through tough times.
An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) may be offered at your workplace. Contact them. They have many resources to provide the support that you need.
Spend time in good company. Surrounding yourself with people who love and support you is good for your morale.


How to get a free quote for critical illness insurance

Whether you feel overwhelmed by stress at work or not, even if you have never experienced it before, nothing can guarantee that you are safe from the scourge of this century. On the other hand, good coverage that can help alleviate financial worries resulting from prolonged work stoppage is always a good idea. Whether for mental or physical reasons, when our health prevents us from working, we do not need the added stress from financial problems on top of that.

How many times have we heard the saying « Prevention is better than cure»? It can be difficult to prevent an illness, but it is possible to prevent financial setbacks that accompany it with the help of critical illness insurance.

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