5 Best life insurance policies in Quebec

Are you planning to buy life insurance to protect your family? Good news: there are plenty of options to choose from. Although it can be difficult to sort [...]

How to choose which critical illness insurance – including cancer – you need in 2024?

  WHICH LIFE INSURANCE PLAN TO CHOOSE AS PROTECTION AGAINST CRITICAL ILLNESS INCLUDING CANCER?   As soon as symptoms of a disease begin to affect you, your [...]

Benefits and Cost of Private Drug insurance in Quebec

Everybody living in Quebec permanently needs prescription drug insurance.  It is a type of insurance that is given by the RAMQ as a public plan which is [...]

The monthly cost of good life insurance [Quebec residents]

Saving money, buying a house, making investments, starting a family, preparing for retirement… these are things most people think of when it comes to personal finances!Yet life [...]

In Quebec, what is the price of life insurance at age 50 – 55 – 60 – 65 and 70?

Shop for life insurance the smart way!   Sometimes, we wonder how it is possible to find good life insurance in Quebec. When you turn 50, prices [...]

Funeral Life Insurance: Coverage for final expenses and burial to ease the anguish of your loved ones

    Funeral life insurance, also called final expense insurance, is another type of permanent life insurance for end-of-life expenses such as medical costs, funeral, or burial [...]

Cheap Life Insurance Quotes Online- Compare and Save on your premiums

Are you looking for a cheap life insurance quote? Search no more because you are in the perfect place to find the most affordable life insurance for [...]

Buy Insurance online VS with a professional

ONLINE PURCHASE: IS IT SMART? Will you be looking for human contact when you shop for life insurance or other products or will you opt for the [...]

5 Best Reasons to take out Life Insurance for your Kids

Talking about premature death is by far one of the most taboo topics among Quebec families. When you include children in the topic, it can be very [...]

10 Tips to get the best price for your Disability Insurance

Find the 10 tips to get the best price for your disability insurance below. But before that, we want to introduce the different categories of disability insurance, [...]

How do I know if a deceased person had life insurance in Quebec?

  DO YOU HAVE AN INHERITANCE FOR A SUM OF MONEY THAT YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT? It is often the case that the heirs are not even [...]

Short or long term disability insurance: choose a type of disability insurance

  What are the financial consequences of an accident or illness that renders you unable to work for several weeks? Look for disability or salary insurance coverage [...]

Find out how old you are going to live: Plan with life insurance

  AT 40 YEARS OLD, YOU HAVE A 50% CHANCE OF LIVING ANOTHER 55 YEARS! Planning one’s retirement isn’t easy for many reasons, the most important of [...]

The issues facing single parents in Quebec

  HOW TO GET ORGANIZED IF YOU ARE A SINGLE PARENT? Although a single parent may have difficulties in raising a child or children alone, it is [...]

Assuris: Your life insurance company goes bankrupt? Available protections

Have you thought of what you would do if your insurance company goes bankrupt? What happens to your life insurance? Compare Insurances Online explains the role of [...]

Top 20 Life Insurance Companies in Canada

  If you are shopping for life insurance right now, you are probably wondering which life insurance company is the best. Well, it would be difficult to [...]

5 examples of situations where Term Life Insurance is advantageous

  THE AMAZING BENEFITS OF A FINANCIAL PRODUCT   Although term life insurance accounts for the life insurance of most people in Quebec, it remains a mystery [...]

Top 20 life insurance tips to save on the price

DO NOT LOSE MONEY WITH THESE TIPS! Did shopping for your new car cost you a lot of time and money? Choosing your life insurance is just [...]

Disability Insurance and Self-Employed Workers: Is it possible?

INVALUABLE PROTECTION FOR DIFFICULT TIMES There are more than 544,000 self-employed individuals In Quebec based on the article of La Presse entitled « Disability Insurance for young self-employed [...]

Is it harder for a cancer survivor to get life or disability insurance?

Find the answers to your questions about life insurance after cancer or other serious illnesses. Do life insurance companies cover survivors? Are prices for such coverage more [...]


Have you heard that no life insurance company will pay death benefits to your beneficiaries if you commit suicide? This is not totally true or false; we [...]

The REAL PRICE to pay when buying a property!

An overview of the costs related to buying a property If this is your first time to buy a property, you will discover here the fees associated [...]

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