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Get Life Insurance Quotes for Term Life or Permanent Life Insurance

Do you need life insurance? This may be a question you are asking yourself now.

If you have a spouse that is not working, children or dependent parents, a mortgage or other debts, own a business, then the answer is a resounding YES.

Life insurance is not for you but a gift to the people you love and care about. Life insurance is designed to protect the financial security of your family so that they don’t have to worry if something bad should happen to you.

Life is so uncertain and we can only plan for the future by investing in the right life insurance product.  In this way, we can ensure that everything we have worked hard for right now can be passed on to our loved ones.


You can obtain free life insurance quotes today to check on best coverage and premiums in Quebec.

What is the best life insurance for me?

It is critical to choose the right life insurance policy that suits your needs and budget. Your choice must be based on several factors:


Insurance Needs   

You must consider the reason you need life insurance. How many more years until your mortgage is paid off? What other substantial debts do you have and for how much longer? How old are your dependent children?

In considering these questions, you need to determine how long you need coverage. If you choose to buy term-life insurance, you can choose from 5, 10, 15, or 20 years. You can also choose permanent life insurance which provides lifetime coverage.

You must carefully consider the benefits of term life vs. permanent life insurance. Learn more about the cost of life insurance in Quebec to determine your best options.



You’ll be paying for insurance premiums for many years. It is critical that premiums suit your budget.  You can get locked-in rates for life insurance which means your premiums won’t increase during the life of your policy.

Please note that if you go for term-life insurance, your premiums will increase when you renew at the end of the term.

No life insurance policy will suit everyone because individual needs vary.  Your father’s life insurance, or the one your best friend has, may not be ideal for you. Look at your personal circumstances, what stage of life you are in, and what you can afford.

The cost of life insurance also varies based on gender, age, health, medical history, and lifestyle.


Compare The 4 Main Types of Life Insurance Policies

  Term-Life Permanent Universal Participating
Benefits Flexible, renewable depending on needs

Cheapest insurance

Convertible to permanent life

Lifetime coverage

Cash Value

Lifetime coverage

Growing cash value and death benefits

Can earn dividends

Lifetime coverage

With investment opportunities, tax-preferred

Growing cash value and death benefits

When Benefits are Paid Upon death of the insured within the term, No benefits if death occurs after the term Upon death of the insured without limits Upon death of the insured without limits Upon death of the insured without limits
What is the benefit? Tax-free cash benefit to beneficiary Tax-free cash benefit to beneficiary Tax-free cash benefit to beneficiary Tax-free cash benefit to beneficiary
Method of payment  Lump-sum, Cash Lump-sum, Cash Lump-sum, Cash Lump-sum, cash
Premiums Fixed during term, increases upon renewal Guaranteed Guaranteed Guaranteed
Best For Price-conscious individuals,
Needs temporary coverage
Individuals who want lifetime protection

Individuals who want cash value for their policy

Individuals who want tax-free investments

Don’t want to be involved in investment decisions

Want increasing death benefits over time

Individuals who want to be hands-on with investment opportunities

Want increasing death benefits over time


Taking out a life insurance policy is a gift of love you can give to your family.

The best time to buy life insurance is as soon as you can. Because we never know what life brings, we shouldn’t wait for a better time to buy coverage.

You can compare life insurance quotes online to find out how much a life insurance policy will cost you and which one suits you.

You can also ask questions from an experienced insurance broker from our network.


How do Insurers Calculate Premiums for Life Insurance?

The cost of life insurance depends on factors used by insurers to calculate risk and interest.

Some of these factors are the same for auto and home insurance such as age, gender, lifestyle (smoker or non-smoker).  Non-smokers qualify for lower premiums while smokers pay higher premiums.

Generally, women pay lower life insurance premiums than men.  The older you are, the higher your life insurance premiums.

Most insurance companies also use credit scores in calculating insurance premiums. If you have a good credit score, it can help to lower your insurance rate.

For life insurance, other factors will help to set the cost of your premiums.

  • ✓ Type of policy
  • ✓ Amount of Coverage
  • ✓ Health

Permanent life insurance is for lifetime coverage and is significantly more expensive than term-life insurance.  The higher the amount of your coverage, the higher your premium.


Apply for Life Insurance with Accurate Information

When you apply for a life insurance, the insurer will obtain your personal information and request you to undergo a medical exam.  It is critical that you provide accurate information because non-disclosure or providing false information can lead to denial of your coverage or non-payment of future claims.


No Medical Life Insurance                    

You can also choose not to undergo a medical exam and obtain a no-medical exam life insurance coverage. However, premiums for this type of policy are also more expensive than standard policies.  Most insurers also offer limited amount of coverage for no medical life insurance plans.


Life with Critical Illness Insurance

Today, many people get diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer.  This is a risk that puts your family’s future in jeopardy. What would happen if you can’t work anymore?

Life insurance with critical illness provides coverage for serious health conditions but will also significantly increase your premiums. Individuals over 60 years of age or with pre-existing medical conditions will also have higher insurance premiums.

This type of policy is unique because it provides living benefits that can be used for hospitalization or other expenses.

Learn more about the benefits of life insurance with critical illness and obtain free quotes to compare costs.


Decreasing or Increasing Term Insurance

Term life insurance guarantees that your dependents receive benefits within a specific period if you should die.

Many people obtain term life insurance to cover a mortgage or debts.

In this scenario, a mortgage may be paid off after 15 or 20 years after which the term insurance may not be necessary.  Further, dependent children would be finished with their education and independent.

Placing limits on your term life insurance policy will help you avoid being over-insured. Consequently, you would be paying less on premiums for lower amount of coverage as time goes by.


It is also possible for some individuals to want their insurance coverage to reflect inflation increases.  You can have a policy where it is linked to inflation measures.

Your amount of coverage can increase yearly and will result in increasing premiums over time.

Life insurance can be tailored to meet your unique needs and help you to plan your family’s financial security.


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