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Shop for the Right Insurer for Higher Coverage and Lower Costs

There are so many insurance companies in Canada and the top insurers are all in Gatineau.

When you are looking to buy any type of insurance, it is important to choose the right insurer.

We provide insurance quotes from a wide range of insurers for multiple products to help you get the lowest rates.


When to switch insurance companies for auto, home or life insurance

Insurance is just like any product you buy in the market. It needs to be a good fit for your needs.

If your insurance is up for renewal and you feel dissatisfied in some way, you can consider switching insurers.


5 Reasons to change your insurer

Do these circumstances apply to you? Then perhaps it is time to look for a new insurer.


1. Unsatisfactory Insurance Claims Service

When a customer files a claim, this is the time when the insurance company is revealed at its best or worst.  Insurers are often under fire for claims handling. If a driver has a difficult experience with a claim, it’s reason enough to change insurers. The same goes for home insurance claims.


2. High Premiums

Many individuals continue to pay too much for insurance just because they haven’t tried to get a better deal.  You can save hundreds of dollars on your auto or home insurance by going to a new insurer.  You can find lower premiums when you compare insurance quotes. Just make sure to do apples to apples comparison – same amount of coverage for the same features to see how much you can really save.


3. Bad Customer Service

Are you having difficulties getting answers to your questions from your insurer? If you can’t get hold of someone or given the run around, it’s time to switch insurers.  Insurance companies stay competitive by providing efficient and quality customer service.


4. Your Insurance Rate Keeps Increasing

Most companies increase insurance rates now and then, unless you have obtained locked-in rates. Insurers do reduce insurance premiums depending on various factors and your type of insurance.  If your rate keeps increasing, take the time to compare free insurance quotes from other insurers to find the best rates.


5. Your Insurer Doesn’t Serve the Area You are Moving To

Are you moving to a new location? If your insurer isn’t very active or doesn’t cover your new area, it may be time to look for new home or auto insurance.

Many consumers don’t realize they can get better insurance deals until they try to look for insurance quotes to compare.  A good time to do this is when your policies are due for renewal.

By doing your insurance comparison, you can feel confident that you have made a good decision to stay with a current insurer or to switch insurers.


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Best Insurance Companies Serve All of Gatineau

We have partnered with the best insurance companies to serve your insurance needs in the Greater Gatineau:

Hull-Wright Touraine
Aylmer Buckingham
Point-Gateau Chelsea


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Find the best life insurance package at better rates

Have you spoken to an insurance broker and backed out of life insurance because of absurdly high premiums?

High costs of insurance can be a deal-breaker but you shouldn’t postpone getting life insurance coverage any further.

You can find the right life insurance that suits your needs and your budget with free life insurance quotes from our partner insurers.


Term Life Vs. Permanent Life (Whole life or Universal Life Insurance)

The cost of life insurance policies depends on various factors.  When shopping for life insurance, you need to consider your goals and your budget.

Typically, Canadians have 2 choices when it comes to life insurance.

Temporary life insurance (term life) is for short term coverage but can be for as long as 30 years.  People usually take out term life insurance to cover a specific period of high risk (high level of debts, active mortgage, minor dependents).

Term life insurance is the cheapest form of insurance available. However, the cost of your premium will also depend on:

  • ✓ Age
  • ✓ Health Condition
  • ✓ Smoker or Non-Smoker
  • ✓ Lifestyle and Occupation
  • ✓ Face amount of Policy
  • ✓ With or Without Medical Exam

It is also important to note that term life insurance rates generally increase significantly after every renewal.

In contrast, permanent life insurance is for lifetime coverage. You can benefit from locked-in rates for lifetime cover, regardless of changing health conditions. It also has cash value unlike temporary life insurance and offers savings and dividends (depending on your whole life or universal life insurance policy)

Note, however, that permanent life insurance is significantly more expensive than temporary life insurance.

To see which product works better for you, speak to your choice of insurer.

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