How to avoid mortgage insurance by taking a life insurance?

Don’t fall into this trap and say «NO»!   You are about to make the most expensive purchase in your lifetime: the home of your dreams. This [...]

Why is critical illness insurance for children becoming more and more popular?

  ACCOMPANY YOUR CHILD IN THE HOSPITAL WITHOUT FINANCIAL WORRIES! No expense is minor when your child is critically ill. For example, the cost of parking your [...]

How to choose the right life insurance for you in Quebec?

  WHICH LIFE INSURANCE IS MOST ADVANTAGEOUS FOR YOU? Life insurance is protection for the people you are financially responsible for.  When determining the necessity of life [...]

Recognize the best offer in term life insurance to pay the right price

  WHAT IS THE BEST TERM LIFE INSURANCE IN QUEBEC? First and foremost, without going into what term life insurance includes, let us define it clearly: « Term [...]

How to choose which critical illness insurance – including cancer – you need in 2018?

  WHICH LIFE INSURANCE PLAN TO CHOOSE AS PROTECTION AGAINST CRITICAL ILLNESS INCLUDING CANCER?   As soon as symptoms of a disease begin to affect you, your [...]

Why turn to life insurance to pay for your funeral in Quebec?

RETRAITE QUEBEC AND THE BENEFIT OF $2,500 DOES NOT COVER THE COSTS When a deceased person does not have life insurance, it becomes difficult to pay for a [...]

5 things to verify if you have enough life insurance

  HAVE YOU RE-EVALUATED YOUR FINANCES SINCE YOU FIRST TOOK OUT YOUR LIFE INSURANCE? In Quebec, many people have life insurance. On the other hand, too few [...]

Is it possible to have several life insurances in Quebec?

CAN INSURANCE BENEFITS BE ACCUMULATED? Life insurance is a financial product that gives you financial protection (your estate) at your death. Your inner circle (spouse, parents, children, [...]

If you are a business owner, do not shun disability insurance

  WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR FINANCES IN CASE OF A DISABILITY? An entrepreneur who holds a disability insurance policy can use it to replace his income as [...]

Is it possible to have life insurance when you have AIDS?

75,000 HIV-POSITIVE CANADIANS ARE WAITING FOR THE ANSWER Nearly 20 years ago, the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) would have been hard-pressed to find a [...]

How to deduct the premium from your life insurance?

  A TECHNIQUE FOR DEDUCTING LIFE INSURANCE PREMIUMS! If you think it is impossible to deduct the amount you pay for your life insurance policy from your [...]

How to effectively negotiate your life insurance in Quebec?

BE LIKE THE PROS AND PAY LESS! Is the topic of life insurance giving you nightmares? Read this! It will only take you a moment and you [...]

Why do so many Quebecers use to find life insurance?

A FREE service for life insurance in Quebec  It’s a breeze to shop for life insurance, no matter where you live in Quebec province! The innovative platform [...]

How to prepare your inheritance or your retirement with the help of RRSPs and life insurance

INVESTING IN LIFE INSURANCE RATHER THAN YOUR RRSP? How can you make sure that your parents don’t leave you in financial trouble? Can life insurance replace all [...]

Is there a flexible and proactive way to shop for life insurance in Quebec?

  DON’T WASTE ANY MORE TIME IN RESEARCH We will not tell you tales; there is a wide variety of life insurance products in the market and [...]

Life Insurance VS Alternative Investments: prepare your inheritance

  ANALYZE YOUR NEEDS TO PREPARE YOUR LEGACY First of all, what does it mean to build a legacy? It simply refers to a technique used to [...]

Solid guarantees of participating life insurance

  A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO PROTECT YOUR LEGACY  If you are interested in life insurance coverage with financial goals in mind, you and your family can be [...]

Why is it important to take out critical illness insurance?

  MENTAL HEALTH: 50% OF CANADIAN CITIZENS HAVE A PROBLEM More and more people are affected by mental health problems.  Maybe it has not happened to you, [...]

In life insurance, should one use one’s capital to retire?

  SHOULD YOU SAVE YOUR LIFE INSURANCE TO FINANCE YOUR GOLDEN YEARS? While preparing for your retirement, you will most certainly ask yourself the inevitable question: should [...]

How to find the best insurance brokers in Quebec?

  UNEARTH A LIFE INSURANCE POLICY WITH LIFE INSURANCE BROKERS IN QUEBEC! Be the master of your own destiny when it comes to making big decisions concerning [...]

Life insurance: what are your options for retirement?

  LIFE INSURANCE AT 60: IS IT TOO LATE? Is it a good idea to take out life insurance when retirement is approaching? Like many other things, [...]

How to navigate life insurance in Quebec ?

  SEE MORE CLEARLY WITH A QUALIFIED ADVISOR Life insurance plays an important role in the financial security of your family. Look carefully at the multiple options [...]

How to use your universal life insurance to save money?

IS IT REALLY POSSIBLE TO SAVE WITH A LIFE INSURANCE PRODUCT? Despite its name and contrary to what some people believe, universal life insurance is not really [...]

72% of Canadians would be shaken financially if they did not work for 3 months?

  CAN YOUR SAVINGS SUSTAIN YOU IN CASE OF WORK STOPPAGE FOR 3 MONTHS? There is seldom talk about the catastrophic consequences that a prolonged disability can [...]

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