What is the role of a life insurance broker in Quebec and how do you find the best?

What is the role of a life insurance broker in Quebec and how do you find the best?



Be the master of your own destiny when it comes to making big decisions concerning your life.

Life insurance is becoming more and more important to Quebecers. How do you go about it? There is a multitude of insurance companies and thousands of different products that are more or less similar.

Fortunately, life insurance brokers are specialists who direct Quebec consumers towards insurance products that meet their needs.

Even so, is it enough to dial the number of the first option and entrust to him your dreams and your goals in life simply because his advertisement in the classified ads caught your eye?

Definitely not!

What is so special about this life insurance broker? What skills does he possess that will help you to save money?



His importance lies in being an independent, expert intermediary at the negotiating table.

• He looks for the best offers in the market (he knows the field of life insurance very well and when a product will meet all of your needs).

• He can offer and deliver life insurance policies from more than one insurer.

• Consider him as a consultant with the skills to guide you in your search for the best protection for your family.


Through this article, learn how to differentiate between an amateur life insurance broker and the experienced representative who can get the protection you need.

Discover THE METHOD for saving on life insurance without spending a week in your search!


Where can you find the best life insurance brokers?

This is a good question. All of these professionals have passed the same courses and possess the same certification from the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF).

If so, why do you need to scrutinize your choice and make it hard on yourself?

Well, as in all professions, there are excellent specialists and the less competent. To avoid dealing with insurance brokers who only think about their commission, you need a quality control system that weeds out the « undesirables » and helps consumers to get incomparable service.

This is where the platform « Compare Insurances Online » comes into play.

We built a network of partners which includes life insurance brokers and insurers.

After each transaction, a survey form is filled out by the customer which ensures that our partners adhere to the highest standards of service.

Benefit without delay from a reliable expert to determine what life insurance policy you should get!!



Be supported by a life insurance broker so that your decisions are always well-informed.

In Quebec, there are several ways to get a life insurance policy:

  • By contacting an insurer directly.
  • By dealing with an agent representing a life insurance company (and who can only sell the products of his employer).
  • By buying insurance at random on the internet (Take note that it is always better to have an advisor when choosing your insurance coverage).
  • Contacting a life insurance broker who can offer you more choices from different insurers at the best possible prices.

Find the life insurance you need with help from a life insurance broker in Quebec.

You should know that the primary goal of a life insurance broker is to serve you well. The option of using an experienced broker makes shopping for insurance so much easier and since he knows all products in the market and can direct you to the most advantageous option for you.

At « Compare Insurances Online », our network of partners, allow you to access over 20 insurers in Quebec Province with ease and simplicity.

Since your financial needs will change over time, you will need advice from your insurance broker at different stages in your life. By establishing a relationship of trust with a proven specialist, you can make decisions based on a clear and excellent plan.

To get in touch with a life insurance broker (we put emphasis on quality of service of our partners and keep a close eye on customer experience), all you need to do is to fill in the required fields (it will only take you 2 minutes) of the form on this page.

This FORM is available to you for your total convenience.

Learn in detail the definition of a life insurance broker by reading on.


A life insurance broker in Quebec: what is he for?

Here is the logo of Compare Insurances Online for the article on life insurance brokers.A life insurance broker devotes his time to satisying the needs of his clients since his income is directly related to their level of satisfaction.

If he loses his reputation, he also loses his income.

This distinction between a salaried employee and an independent consultant has a huge impact on the quality of service. An independent life insurance broker will take the time to evaluate your needs and search for the best insurance product at the most competitive price.

In order not to miss any of your requirements, it is advisable to speak with a professional advisor.


What are the obligations of a life insurance broker in Quebec?

This professional is batting for you!

His objectivity will help you to evaluate all proposals to determine the one which truly meets your expectations while protecting your wallet.


To earn the title of life insurance broker, he needs to have associations with at least 4 different insurers to be able to offer a variety of solutions.

This formula allows you to save money as it guides you to the most beneficial coverage that protects you and your family.

AFTER-SALES SERVICE If you have a question about a clause in your policy, want to amend a clause in your contract, or desire to add an endorsement to enhance your coverage, contact your life insurance broker.

Do you have disability insurance or critical illness insurance and you need to make a claim?Ask your life insurance broker to explain the steps you need to take.

HE FOLLOWS PROCEDURES Since he is covered by the « Brokerage Act », he will ensure that your transaction is done according to regulations.

He will be the one to deliver the initial documentation of your coverage.

The insurer will contact you if he wishes to change the details. Call your life insurance broker to know the process to follow



The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) is responsible for checking the competency of young hopefuls in the field of life insurance.

A certification is issued by the organization (after passing the final examination) attesting to the qualification of the broker to practice thereafter.


The life insurance broker you dream to have is thus defined…

Here is the logo of Compare Insurances Online for the article on life insurance brokers.As in all specialized fields, the life and health insurance sector attract professionals with different profiles.

Their skills and abilities will vary.

We have listed the qualities that your life insurance broker must possess.


A good life insurance broker must have these qualities.
Enumeration points for life insurance brokers in Quebec.A positive disposition and that of a leader.

Enumeration points for life insurance brokers in Quebec.Amiable and meticulous person.

Enumeration points for life insurance brokers in Quebec.Dynamic and bold.

Enumeration points for life insurance brokers in Quebec.Listens and knows how to explain difficult concepts.

Enumeration points for life insurance brokers in Quebec.With a vast network of partners to know about promotions from all insurers.

Enumeration points for life insurance brokers in Quebec.Courteous and with good interpersonal skills.

Enumeration points for life insurance brokers in Quebec.Hungry for knowledge and aims to outdo himself for his clients.

Enumeration points for life insurance brokers in Quebec.Naturally at ease with people.

Enumeration points for life insurance brokers in Quebec.Knows how to properly advise his clients.

Enumeration points for life insurance brokers in Quebec.Inspired and recognizes good offers in the market.


The team of « Compare Insurances Online » utilizes a strict method for comparison. We optimize our network of partners by constantly monitoring their quality.

After each exchange between an insurance broker and a Quebec consumer, we collect your comments to continually improve our service.


Questions and Answers regarding insurance brokers in Quebec

What is the unique know-how of insurance brokers in Quebec?

This specialist knows all the steps in obtaining insurance in Quebec. He knows who to help you save as much as possible from your purchase.

By mastering all the tools related to the field of insurance, he is capable of explaining to you all the subtleties of each product and their impact on your financial situation and that of your estate.

He will assess your personal situation to determine which life insurance policy can guarantee your desired objective.


How much will it cost you to work with a life insurance broker in Quebec?

Absolutely nothing. This service will not charge you a penny. These professionals are compensated by a commission system. You won’t pay a dime because it is the insurers who pay for their services with almost the identical amount. This ensures the integrity and transparency of the broker.


Is it true that communications skills are a broker’s best strength?

Yes. It’s simple; a good broker is defined by the ease with which he expresses himself, his ability to understand the complex principles of insurance and his ability to answer questions of his clients with diplomacy and professionalism.

If there is resistance on your part, he will remain calm and come up with a different strategy.

As an outstanding negotiator who obtains amazing results, he knows how to relate with life insurance companies. He acts as your champion and spokesperson during the negotiation process that ensues.


How a life insurance broker improves your chances of saving money?

A skilled and experienced broker will demonstrate his enthusiasm and ability to contribute positively to your objectives. 

Since his livelihood is closely tied to the success of your transaction, (and your resultant satisfaction), he will try all possible means (personal and professional) to assist you satisfactorily.


Can a life insurance broker provide you with a personal and tailored proposal?

Yes. When this professional presents you with a solution to your individual insurance problem, he or she will clearly outline the reasons why a particular insurance policy was selected above all others.

Using simple language, he will explain the distinctions between this policy and others in the Quebec market that are similar.

To get YOUR FREE life insurance quote, fill out the form on this page. Our partners are the best:

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in Quebec.


Are accessibility and organizational skills desirable qualities belonging to the best life insurance brokers in Quebec?

Yes. To serve you well, a life insurance broker who stands out will have superior organizational skills over his competitors. He is aware that he needs to have access to information without having to be physically present.

His network of contacts provides him with access to certain offers or what he doesn’t know more easily and quickly.

Don’t be shy to obtain the contact number of your life insurance broker to contact him by SMS. He should be able to provide his email as well.

Success requires brokers to be accessible using modern technology. Avoid dinosaurs who don’t consult offers on the internet or in their email. They are most likely to be unaware of the latest promotions.


Can anyone use the title of « insurance broker »?

No. This profession requires passing the difficult examinations conducted by the AMF (l’Autorité des marchés financiers). Check for yourself whether the individual calling himself a « broker » has the right to practice this profession by entering his full name in the « registry of companies and individuals authorized to practice » on the AMF website.

What is the difference between an insurer and a life insurance broker?

First of all, understand that a broker is an individual. He shops for your insurance policy among insurers to obtain for you the best solution available. His income comes from commissions he collects from the insurers.


An « insurer », also called « insurance company », has an entirely different function. It creates policies according to company criteria and answers to its shareholders. Its profits come from the sale of its products under its brand. If you speak to a representative that works for an insurer, he can offer you policies that are distributed by his employer only.


A high-quality network of the best life insurance brokers in Quebec!

Here is the logo of Compare Insurances Online for the article on life insurance brokers.Do you have any idea on what a life insurance broker can help you with?

Many people mistakenly believe that finding a good insurance policy only takes a short search on the Internet.

This is not really the case!

Life insurance companies don’t really disclose the actual price until they have examined your individual situation (medical, occupation, if you smoke, etc.).

They come up with new policies based on market analysis and exhaustive statistical comparison. The promotion of their products largely affects the profitability of their business.

To give the public some insight into their life insurance policies, insurers turn to life insurance brokers to deal with prospective clients.

At « Compare Insurances Online », our partners are among the best brokers in the entire province of Quebec!

With just a few clicks, you can ask one of our partners how you can save on your life insurance.



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Examples of Life Insurance products that may be presented to you by life insurance brokers

Here is the logo of Compare Insurances Online for the article on life insurance brokers.

Here are some of the life and health insurance products available in the Quebec market offered by different insurers.

By identifying your needs, you can ask a life insurance broker to search for the best prices for your policy.



Ask a life insurance broker to present to you all the products available in the life insurance market.

An insurance broker has access to an impressive variety of life insurance solutions. All insurers offer and renew products with slight differences.

Understand these subtleties to determine the perfect choice!

PERMANENT LIFE INSURANCE (or whole life as referred to by companies)

  • This insurance covers you until death and usually includes a cash surrender value.
  • If you want to bequeath a substantial amount to your family, permanent life insurance is the way to go.


• If you intend to invest money in a new investment product and avoid additional taxes, turn to universal life insurance.

• In addition, this type of coverage offers the highest amounts of insurance in the market.


  • For great protection at a low price, term-life insurance is second to none.
  • If your goal is to prevent a catastrophe due to a specific event such as the loss of a key employee, or while traveling around the world, consider subscribing to term life insurance.


  • When all options seem to be unavailable to you (due to a medical condition or your age), the last solution offered to Quebec consumers is life insurance without medical examination.
  • Premiums for this type of policy are higher compared to other policies and the death benefit is of a lower amount. However, it is ideal for your situation if you want financial security for your loved ones.

A very interesting article about the price of life insurance without medical exam can provide you with more information about the aspects of this type of insurance coverage.


  • While your lender will certainly benefit from this coverage, you gain nothing from this type of protection. Request your life insurance broker to provide you with a more beneficial option.
  • If you have no choice but to take out mortgage life insurance, make sure to shop around.


To fully understand how term-life insurance and permanent life insurance works, below is a video for your quick study:

Many people are interested in life insurance without a medical examination in Quebec.

Sign up for critical illness insurance with a life insurance broker in Quebec.

If you want to receive a lump-sum to protect your finances in case you are diagnosed with a critical illness, take advantage of this practical solution.


  • Quebecers are increasingly becoming aware that a prolonged work stoppage can empty one’s bank account in just a short time. Imagine what would happen if your child has cancer or cystic fibrosis. This coverage would provide you with an allowance to allow you to attend to your sick child during these difficult times.
  • Here are some serious diseases (or physical conditions) covered by this insurance: coma, vital organ failure, loss of speech, terminal cancer, coronary artery bypass, purulent meningitis, essential organ transplant, benign brain tumor, heart attack, blindness, loss of autonomy, severe burns, loss of limbs, aortic surgery, stroke, dementia, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, acquired brain injury, deafness, HIV infection, Parkinson’s disease, paralysis, replacement or repair of heart valve, motor neuron disease, aplastic anemia, or renal failure.


Get a disability insurance through a life insurance broker in order to save money.

Don’t lose your income if you are unable to do your job due to a disability. Disability insurance, also commonly known as « salary insurance » is generally included in a group insurance coverage.

Only a few people know that you can get disability insurance even if you are self-employed.


  • By paying benefits based on a percentage of your salary after a waiting period stated in your contract, disability insurance helps you cope with the loss of your income.
  •  To find out how long monthly benefits will be deposited into your account, check the details in your insurance contract. If you don’t have the documents at home, contact your insurer. In general, you can expect payments for a period of 2 to 5 years.
  • As mentioned above, if you do not have group life insurance, you can take out disability insurance to protect your finances in case of an accident which could quickly diminish your savings.


When you want group insurance, ask a knowledgeable life insurance broker to assist you.

All male and female workers in Quebec want attractive wages and work conditions from their employer. If they can choose between two companies, they will usually choose the company that offers the best group insurance coverage to protect their families. 


  • The complexity of group insurance makes the task of explaining them arduous. Depending on the size of your business, the type of industry, and the choice of additional options desired, the recommendations will vary greatly. The more workers covered by a group insurance policy, the bigger the savings.
  • Here is a list of protections covered by group insurance in Quebec: vision care insurance, an Employee Assistance Program (to help employees), health insurance, basic life insurance, critical illness insurance, prescription drug insurance, life insurance for dependents, legal protection insurance, optional insurance, dental insurance, salary insurance, travel insurance, insurance for temporary residents, and accidental dismemberment insurance.


Don’t take chances and obtain health insurance with the help of a life insurance broker.

As many people are aware, government health insurance does not reimburse all medical expenses. You may know someone who has had to use his savings to pay for medicines not covered by the government insurance plan or paid a fortune in medical equipment to make their environment more secure.


  • Some expenses slip through the cracks of the government plan such as fees for a paramedic, medical care in another country, specific medications, preventive dental care, etc.
  • If you are tired of paying for: hearing aids, anti-smoking remedies, laboratory tests, home care, additional charges for a hospital bedroom, fees of a specialist (a massage therapist, a psychologist, a chiropractor, etc.), take out a health insurance policy.


Une assurance soins de longue durée magasinée par un courtier d’assurance vie vous sauvera une fortune.

When you need to spend a long time surrounded by nurses, it is seldom that you want to share a room with strangers and their families and a ton of visitors. In Quebec, the average price for staying in a retirement home is $42,000 a year. (source lifestagecare)


  • If you develop a cognitive impairment, this insurance will help you pay for home care or your retirement home.
  • If you can no longer care for yourself, (whether it is age-related or due to chronic disability), long-term care insurance coverage will be very useful. Imagine the thousands of dollars you can save!


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