Compare the Top 20 auto insurance companies in Quebec for the best auto insurance in 2023!

 Discover the top 20 major Auto Insurers in Quebec Shopping for auto insurance can be a real headache. To help you find quality offers at the best price, [...]

How to choose which critical illness insurance – including cancer – you need in 2023?

  WHICH LIFE INSURANCE PLAN TO CHOOSE AS PROTECTION AGAINST CRITICAL ILLNESS INCLUDING CANCER?   As soon as symptoms of a disease begin to affect you, your [...]

The Top 12 Home Insurance Companies in Canada

  Home insurance is a necessity for every Canadian homeowner.  Not only is it required for homes with a mortgage but also for financial security in case [...]

Review Auto and Home insurance with COVID-19

The auto and home insurance industry, like all industries, has experienced upheavals due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But it is probably one of the industries that has [...]

Benefits and Cost of Private Drug insurance in Quebec

Everybody living in Quebec permanently needs prescription drug insurance.  It is a type of insurance that is given by the RAMQ as a public plan which is [...]

FAQS on Auto Insurance Problems – Bankruptcy, drunk driving, non-payment, criminal record

Table des matières When buying car insurance, all customers are required to answer a list of questions pertaining to their driving history, finances, and personal circumstances. In [...]

How much is home insurance for a Single-Family Home in Quebec?

Table des matières Buying a house is a dream of many families in Quebec. But when you become a homeowner, you need to be smart because it [...]

5 Insurers in Quebec that offer Syndicate of Co-ownership Insurance

Table des matières Condo buildings are becoming more and more popular in the province. In the past 20 years, this type of property has grown in popularity but [...]

We’ve compared the prices of 20 Home Insurers for you – Here are the Results

In Quebec, everyone must have home insurance, both owners and tenants.While it is not required by law, lender banks require it if you take out a mortgage. [...]

Compare prices of auto insurance for Honda cars in Quebec

Table des matières Honda is a very popular and well-known car manufacturer among young and experienced drivers.  This brand personifies style, functionality, safety, and reliability.  From the [...]

Compare 100++ car insurance quotes for Volkswagen cars

Among automobile brands in Canada, Volkswagen is certainly one of the most popular nowadays among young and old alike. Volkswagen offers timeless, stylish, and reliable models at [...]

Auto insurance prices for Dodge and Chrysler vehicles in 2022

Automakers Dodge and Chrysler were once very successful car brands with many models.Today, they are more modest brands, but with vehicles that are still very popular and [...]

How much is auto insurance for a Jeep in Quebec?

Jeep is a brand of sports utility vehicles (SUVs) that is very popular in Quebec and across Canada. Having a good reputation for several decades, Jeep stands out [...]

What is the price of auto insurance for BMW cars in Quebec?

What are your auto insurance options when you own or lease a BMW car? If your vehicle is a recent model, you will not really have a choice. [...]

Auto insurance prices for the 10 most popular vehicles in Canada

Source: RAM/GMC In Canada, certain vehicle models stand out because of their popularity with consumers. To the surprise of many, pickup trucks are among the top-selling vehicle [...]

How much does MAZDA car insurance cost in Quebec?

Table des matières Mazda is a very popular Japanese car manufacturer in Canada, with a proven track record of reliability. Young drivers particularly like the MAZDA 3, [...]

What is the price of Auto Insurance for Toyota cars and SUVs in Quebec?

Table des matières Toyota vehicles are extremely popular in Canada due to their reliability and affordability.They are excellent family cars offering good value for money and good [...]

2022 RRSPs: Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions and Top 10 Benefits of Contributing

  THE RRSP SEASON HAS FINALLY ARRIVED! The end of 2021 is fast approaching and the RRSP season will start soon! We have prepared a complete article [...]

The monthly cost of good life insurance [Quebec residents]

Saving money, buying a house, making investments, starting a family, preparing for retirement… these are things most people think of when it comes to personal finances!Yet life [...]

Financial Advisors and Insurance Brokers in Ottawa for Financial Security

    Our network consists of finance professionals including Financial Advisors and Insurance Brokers who work with individuals and families in Ottawa.  Their goal is to help [...]

Bilingual Financial Security Advisors and Insurance Brokers in Longueuil

    If you are in your 40s and doing a review of your finances, you can benefit from the expertise and advice of financial security advisors [...]

The top English-Speaking Financial Security advisors or Insurance Brokers in Montreal

    Do you need help with managing your RRSP, insurance coverage, debts, investments, or other aspects of your finances? Today, many people are emboldened with do-it-yourself [...]

The best English-speaking financial Security Advisors and Insurance Brokers in Laval

  The financial decisions we make affect our lifestyle, our future, and our family. When we buy a house, get married, make investments, or open a business, [...]

In Quebec, what is the price of life insurance at age 50 – 55 – 60 – 65 and 70?

Shop for life insurance the smart way!   Sometimes, we wonder how it is possible to find good life insurance in Quebec. When you turn 50, prices [...]

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