Don’t be fooled by incredible prices offered by certain life insurance brokers.

Don’t be fooled by incredible prices offered by certain life insurance brokers.


As in all fields, there are also rogues in life insurance. These insurance brokers promise you the moon: elite prices.

Why do they do it? Well, they want to get the commission from the sale at your expense.

It won’t matter much if your insurance protection is useless for you. They are hatched by scammers who make glitzy offers to cajole you into signing a life insurance contract.

They start their scam by proposing to you a ridiculously inexpensive life insurance policy. The appeal of a discounted price can make many Quebec consumers feel at ease.

Oftentimes, these charlatans don’t assess the needs of their clients. Their objective is to get your signature on paper.


Low prices, while attractive, should not be your only selection criteria


Discover today how to spot these rogues and these elite offers that are too good to be true.

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Warning against elite prices in life insurance: your needs must come first

Let’s define what is an elite price:

An elite price => a price set so low in order to attract consumers to subscribe to a type of insurance protection even though they don’t need the product.

Verification is required before dealing with a life insurance representative
First, before you even meet with a life insurance broker who promises you an incredible price, use a tool made available to all Canadians in 2013, the « Canadian Insurance Regulators Disciplinary Actions ».

This registry lists all disciplinary actions taken by approximately 20 organizations (including the Autorité des marchés financiers) that regulate the insurance industry in Canada.

Don’t neglect this. You will find any complaints or misdemeanors against a broker reported in his file.

Before this registry was made available, the average consumer had to communicate with all organizations in Canada to get the information.

This time-consuming task is now a thing of the past.

Due to the collaboration of Canadian institutions regulating the insurance industry, mere seconds is all it takes for you to verify any person offering you such an elite price.

If something is mentioned in the file of the individual, contact directly the organization to which this note is attached. They can provide you with more details.

Is the insurance representative licensed to practice his profession?
This is a good question, isn’t it?

Fortunately, the AMF (l’autorité des marchés financiers) keeps a « Register of businesses and individuals authorized to practice ». This registry contains over 32,000 experts belonging to the Chambre de la sécurité financière (CSF) and, therefore, authorized to sell individual insurance.

If an insurance agent offering a remarkable product is not in this registry, he is not even allowed to distribute products related to the financial sector.

To access this registry, follow this link.

How does an insurance representative earn the right to practice?
An insurance broker (or insurer or financial security advisor) with whom you do business must practice his trade in a distinct fashion, namely:

  • As an independent broker, he does not report to an employer or an insurance company.
  • As a captive broker, working for an insurer and receiving his commissions from this source.
  • As a representative of a firm or company for which he works.

If he mentions a company that does not exist or has been de-listed, do not deal with him.

Elite prices were designed for people who are fond of discounts
As in all sectors, tell yourself that an offer that is too good to be true is just that: an impossibility or a proposition with a multitude of secondary clauses which renders it useless.
Many Quebecers hold superfluous life insurance policies that will never apply because the premise makes no sense: such as having two salary insurance policies ( few people realize that one is normally valid in case of a disability).

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