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We are currently looking for insurance brokers and direct insurers to fill the growing demand.

We therefore suggest that you take a free trial of our system to evaluate its profitability. We would like to send you 10 inquiries from customers looking to insure their home or car whom you can then contact to make your offer.


Who are we and what is Compare Insurances Online?

Compare Insurances Online is part of the Home Submission network, a platform developed by Oolong Media, a Quebec-based web agency specializing in virtual real estate, SEO, web optimization, and customer acquisition.

We have moved away from the traditional path of web service agencies and turned to the creation of innovative platforms that generate a steady stream of quote solicitations, calls and contracts for local businesses in several fields related to real estate. Through various web SEO strategies and optimization on Google Adwords, these sites that we have positioned on Google have a lot of visibility. We have a network of more than 500 partners (growing steadily) and we are active in more than 25 sectors. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses grow their revenues through our web-based platforms that generate quotes. Our partners never fail to bid with us!


How does our platform work?

When a prospective customer looks for an insurance product on the internet and views our high-quality content, he is highly motivated to fill-out our quote solicitation form.

Upon receiving the form, our team forwards it to three (3) network partners sorted manually according to his needs.

All you need to do is to contact this potential customer (email, telephone) to offer your services according to his specific needs that he / she has mentioned on the form. Let customers come to you!

Do not Doubt: Compare Insurances Online attracts many customers of insurance products. They know the high level of competence of the brokers and the insurers who are members of our network and know that they will be able to take advantage of the healthy competition engendered by this concept, free of charge.

In addition, the prospective client has no obligation to insurers offering their service via Compare Insurances Online. He will only have to contact the one who has caught his attention. Given that it will only take a few clicks to receive up to 3 quotes, it will save him time and money.

Do you know how to offer superior services at the best price for the customer?

So stand out and join Compare Insurances Online.


A unique concept for insurers: The Main Advantages

Based on the concept of Compare Insurances Online platform, the connection you have with your potential customer will be through the quote solicitation form. We have therefore made every effort to ensure that it is complete while remaining concise.

We have carefully selected the most appropriate information because we know full well that it is advantageous for you to get a precise idea of ​​the situation of your prospective customer before you contact him.

By developing a service proposal that meets your expectations, you are opening the way to signing a service contract with a satisfied customer who was able to compare services, coverage and prices from three (3) insurance brokers or direct insurers in their area.

In addition to the complete contact details of your future customer, you will know:

  • The best time to contact him: day, evening, weekend, evening and weekend or anytime
  • His professional situation
  • His marital status, if he has children
  • His trade and employer
  • For home insurance: if he is a tenant or owner, the type of property, the dimensions, the year … in fact, the list would be long. You will have everything you need to know about risk factors
  • For life insurance: type of desired product, amount of cover, term, smoker / non-smoker, age, spouse insured or not
  • Current insurance company and for how long

We have complete forms for home, business, auto, RV insurance, etc.

Want to join or simply test our network? It will only take you a few minutes to register as a Partner of Insurance Submissions by completing the membership application form that is on this page and you will be able to receive 10 Free Submissions from Potential Clients!

Quickly, Compare Insurances Online Team will contact you to explain how this works.

You will receive 10 free quotes!

Let Compare Insurances Online surprise you with its high level of professionalism. You will be able to test the system without obligation, and we have no long term contract so we are confident of the quality of our quotes.


7 other incomparable advantages:

  • Requests are sorted manuallyby our dispatchers so that each request you receive will match your expectations and services
  • The flow of requests is largeand growing; We currently receive more than 1500 Quotes / month (+ 70% home insurance) * figure updated in May 2017
  • Price per unbeatable bidon the market (even lower than Pay Per Click)
  • No long-termcontracts, they are blocks of submission
  • We credit all invalid requests: Duplicates, renewal date too far, does not meet the criteria, wrong number, incomplete application and much more!
  • Mostly requests for Home Insuranceunlike others that have mostly automobile.
  • The return on investmentof our service is unbeatable, our team advises you to increase your conversion rate


Web visibility and customer conversion: Our expertise

While your budget is a major factor in choosing a platform to disseminate information about your insurance product, it should not be the most important element. An advertising mode should instead be chosen taking into account your ability to convert a targeted contact into a customer.

If you are targeting young people of ownership age, Compare Insurances Online, a dynamic media, is certainly for you.

If you are also targeting high-end homeowners, you will surely choose Compare Insurances Online: an advertising mode that will enhance your brand image.
Our audience is vast but we target different segments through our content pages and our different articles. We have several channels to generate demand either through natural SEO, paid, as well as social media and content marketing.


Figures that Demonstrate our Platform’s Effectiveness

Our partner site, Home Submissions Network, generates   a minimum of 400 requests for quotes each day.

The first professional system that was established (2015) is 5 Movers Quotes. To date, this site alone has generated approximately 50,000 quote solicitations (2017 figures).

As a result of this success, some 95 moving companies from across the province are now part of the 5 Movers Quotes network and 200 Real Estate Brokers who partnered with our other project,

Act strategically and join our growing network of professionals who never fails to submit quotes.  By simply filling-out the partnership application form on this page, you can completely change and revolutionize your business. More than 500 Business Partners have trusted us and this number is growing every day. 


Benefit from our expertise to sell your insurance products

The purpose of the Compare Insurances Online Platform is to best meet your specific requirements for the sale of your insurance products, optimize the conversion of bid solicitations into genuine contracts, while being flexible in terms of your selection requirements as well as your choices.

The mandate of Compare Insurances Online’s customer service department is, among other things, to advise you about the strategy for setting up your bids and the follow-up to be given to the prospective client in order to establish a trusting relationship with the client.

The concept underlying Compare Insurances Online is basic: a reply must be sent to the prospective client upon receipt of his request for online quotes. Your follow-up to the solicitation received should include two (2) sections.

As the saying goes, first impressions count!

Your e-mail and sales speech, which should be concise, give you the opportunity to project a brand image of your company.

You hesitate about the elaboration of your text? Our customer service can guide you in writing a presentation text that will be concise, clear, catchy and of course … sell.

It’s not all about making your letter personal by calling the potential customer by name. Writing a short introduction that allows you to get in touch with him to set a first milestone is an important step that we can assist you with.

As far as the heart of the message is concerned, we will lend you a hand in order to craft text that allows you to:

  • Introduce yourself and make your business known
  • To state some current prices
  • Create a sense of security in your prospective client
  • Present the advantages of your company compared to others


Get your 10 free submissions quickly and without obligation

Confident in the profitability of our innovative concept, Compare Insurances Online now offers you the chance to try it out at no cost.

Receive 10 bid solicitations from potential clients in your area. You just have to contact them to offer your insurance products, services, prices … You will thus be able to determine the benefits that you can expect compared to your previous set-up. You do not incur any liability to Compare Insurances Online.

Thank you for your attention and contact us without hesitation to share your point of view and to send us your questions. We look forward to seeing you soon!



If you are interested in joining our network, please fill-out the form below. Someone will quickly contact you to explain how it works.

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By clicking on the button, I accept the Terms and Conditions