Do you know which job in Quebec is the most dangerous ?

If we add deaths due to occupational diseases,  the building sector becomes the most dangerous, ahead of the sectors for mining, quarries, and oil, with 56 deaths in 2015  and 46 deaths due to occupational diseases.

The National Bank of Canada places the occupation of taxi driver as « Category B », which represents the highest risk factor to be refused for disability insurance.  In the same category, we also find occupations such as police officers, fumigators, roofers, private investigators, exterminators, firefighters, and prison guards.  Who would have thought that being a driver is dangerous?

Is being a taxi driver ranked among the most dangerous professions?

No, far from it.

In January 2013, the Quebec Institute of Statistics published a report on the identification of victims in the workplace. The report revealed that 7 % or workers are injured at work due to repetitive movements required by their jobs.  Depending on the level of exposure to physical constraints during the exercise of their functions, workers in Quebec experience injuries in exactly the same way.

Here is a breakdown of Quebec workers based on their level of exposure to physical constraints :



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The Top 15 Most Dangerous Jobs in Quebec

A multitude of Quebecers put their lives in danger every day to perform their functions. In particular, the police and law enforcement offiers at all levels demonstrate extraordinary courage.  We looked at occupations with a high number of unfortunate incidents for workers in these occupations.  Which of us has the riskiest role? Who makes a living at the risk of endangering their lives?

The Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada provided most of the statistical data in this article.  Since their latest data was from 2015,  we will generally rely on them.

Here is a summary of accidents in Quebec in 2015 :

Data in 2015 In Quebec In Canada
Workers with percentage insurance. 93.11 % 85.07 %
Per 100, frequency of accidents (with time lost) 1.74 1.51
Number of claims (with time lost) 65,859 232,629
Number of deaths 196 852
Number of persons who returned to work in 90 days in percentage. 72.85 %
Insured Wages in Billions of Dollars 135 583,4


Rank 13 to 15 of most dangerous jobs: nurses, garbage collectors, and corrections officers



In thirteenth place, the nurse and the risks to her job.

  • Risks:
  • Verbal aggression.
  • Physical aggression.


  • Statistics:
  • 9,003 accidents in 2013.


Garbage Collector

Number 14, garbage collector and his dangerous profession

  • Risks:
  • Run behind a truck.
  • Repetition of dangerous movements.
  • Handling of sharp objects


  • Statistics:
  • 8 accidents per 10 workers for 2, 000 work hours


Corrections Officer

The last in this dangerous jobs’ list, the corrections officer.

  • Risks:
  • Verbal intimidation.
  • Post-traumatic shock.
  • Violent incident.


  • Statistics:
  • 72% officers in a 2013 study report that they were intimidated in the previous year.



For nurses.
For garbage collectors.
For corrections officers.


Rank 10 to 12 of hazardous occupations: foresters, roofers and linemen


Forester (lumberjack)

A forrester has a high-risk job

  • Risks:
  • Unpredictable environment.
  • Remote locations.
  • Poorly-maintained roads.


  • Statistics:
  • 33.3 deaths per 100, 000 workers.



Watch out for falls if you are a roofer, it is a dangerous profession

  • Risks:
  • Elevation above the ground.
  • With exposure to the sun, risk of skin cancer


  • Statistics:
  • 1 death per 2,881 workers.



Twelfth place belongs to the dangerous job of «lineman.»

  • Risks :
  • Risk of falls.
  • High voltage.
  • Exposure to bad weather.


  • Statistics:
  • 21.5 deaths per 100,000 workers (in the USA


Les références :

For foresters.
For roofers.
For linemen.


Rank 7 to 9 most dangerous jobs : airplane pilots,miners and metallurgical workers.


Airplane pilot

Seventh place, airplane pilot, this is a risky profession.

  • Risks:
  • His plane could crash.
  • Fire on board.
  • Storms.
  • Hijackers.


  • Statistics:
  • 229 airplane accidents in Canada in 2016


Miner (driller)

A miner knows that life is hard with his difficult work.

  • Risks:
  • Constant exposure to dust.
  • Injuries from heavy equipment.
  • Explosions.


  • Statistics:
  • 14 deaths in 2011.
  • 2 deaths in 2013, or 3.2%.


Metallurgical worker

Take pity on metallurgical workers and their dangerous work.

  • Risks:
  • Deafening sound.
  • Stifling heat.
  • Dangerous surfaces


  • Statistics:
  • 1 death per 2,597 workers (in the USA)



For airplane pilots.
For miners.  (NO FOLLOW LINK)
For metallurgical workers.


Rank 4 to 6 of most dangerous jobs: construction workers, maintenance workers and pruners.


Construction worker

In fourth place, the construction worker and his difficult job.

  • Risks:
  • Conditions always dangerous .
  • Heavy tools.
  • Leveled construction sites.
  • Heat.


  • Statistics:
  • 26,015 accidents in 2015 in the country, with 186 deaths.


Maintenance worker

The maintenance worker and his dangerous occupation.

  • Risks:
  • Dangerous machinery.
  • High-risk factories.
  • Overwork.


  • Statistics:
  • 33,013 accidents in 2015 in Canada



Why is a pruner also considered a dangerous job?

  • Risks:
  • Falls.
  • Electrocution.
  • Bad weather.
  • Sharp tools.


  • Statistics:
  • 9 deaths in 2013.


For construction workers.
For maintenance workers.
For pruners.


Rank 1 to 3 of most dangerous jobs: farmers, truckers and fishermen.



The most dangerous job in Quebec is that of a farmer.

  • Risks:
  • Heavy machinery.
  • Sharp metallic gear.
  • Bad weather.
  • Animals.


  • Statistics:
  • 37 deaths in the country in 3 years out of 3,331 accidents.


The second most high-risk job is that of a trucker.

  • Risks:
  • Accumulated fatigue.
  • Dangers from other drivers.
  • Road conditions.


  • Statistics:
  • 75,789 incidents inCanada in 2015



The third most dangerous job is that of a fisherman.

  • Risks:
  • Climate conditions.
  • Maritime accdents.
  • Danger of capsizing


  • Statistics :
  • 200 incidents reported each year



For farmers.
For truckers.
For fishermen.


Farming: the most dangerous occupation in Quebec!

In Quebec, the worker most at risk is the farmer. Everything around him represents danger. It is even difficult to pinpoint:

  • Chemical products (pesticides) and the toxic fumes they emit are part of their daily lives.
  • Heavy machinery which can sometimes bog down and risk crushing limbs.
  • Sharp pieces of metal that sometimes cut vulnerable parts.
  • Huge animals that can crush bones if they stomp on or hit a leg
  • Tools with a kill function with a slide of the hand.
  • Sharp and electrified fences without mercy.
  • Etc.

Statistics from CNESST present year after year a portrait an unfavorable portrait of this noble profession. In 2012, 21 workers out of 100,000 lost their lives.


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