Save by refusing to buy mortgage insurance and subscribe to life insurance that is right for you.

Save by refusing to buy mortgage insurance and subscribe to life insurance that is right for you.

Don’t fall into this trap and say «NO»!


You are about to make the most expensive purchase in your lifetime: the home of your dreams.

This acquisition will normally be done by borrowing a large amount of money from a financial institution. In other words, you will sign a mortgage agreement with your bank to buy a property.

As soon as you sit down with the bank mortgage specialist, he will offer to arrange for insurance for your mortgage in case you die prematurely.

The much-talked-about mortgage insurance… It is also known under other names: mortgage life insurance, creditor insurance.

Your lender wants you to understand the importance of this product and keeps his fingers crossed that you will agree to buy it.

You need to be careful!

Many new borrowers fall into this trap and agree to this deceptive solution.

However, it must be loudly proclaimed that mortgage insurance is a bad idea.    

There is another alternative that will cost you less and which would guarantee you much better protection: individual life insurance.

Below is a comparison explaining the advantages of individual life insurance compared to mortgage insurance.

To check if you are paying too much (like 85% of Quebecers), simply fill out the form at the top of this page.

You will see how much you can save by replacing your current protection. (You can replace it at any time.)


Compare mortgage insurance with life insurance to know the differences

To completely understand the distinctions between these two types of insurance, below is a table comparing the function of each one.



Who will be the beneficiary of your mortgage insurance and life insurance?


Your financial institution will be the beneficiary if something happens to you. You can choose the beneficiary of your life insurance.

Compare the prices between the types of insurance.

You will pay the same amount as another client of the same age. The price is calculated based on your age, health status, gender, and if you smoke or not.

If you change the elements of your mortgage, what happens?

Whenever you renegotiate your mortgage, you need to requalify for mortgage insurance. No matter what happens to your mortgage, your life insurance will not change.

What happens to your insurance coverage over time?

It covers only the amount of your mortgage which means that your coverage goes down as the years go by. You can choose whether you want to protect more than your mortgage.

Who benefits from your mortgage insurance?

The lender. Whoever you wish.

When will your creditor insurance cease?

The same time as your mortgage loan. Upon your death (it covers you for life unless you choose a different option).

How is the amount of mortgage life insurance determined?

Your lender owns the policy and the amount is based on the amount of the mortgage loan. Your insurance is yours and you can decide on the amount that you want.


Overall, you probably realize that one of these two products is THE SOLUTION that is advantageous for you.

If you don’t need to get mortgage insurance, follow the advice of all experts in the field of finance and turn to individual life insurance.

Whenever you sit in front of a banker and he makes an offer, don’t hesitate to refuse; you will certainly save a fortune!

Don’t take chances and speak to a professional to get your hands on the best solution for your needs! (check below how to do this)

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