How much is Insurance for an Income Property in Quebec?

Buying an income property is smart and profitable investment in Quebec. The tenants of the property pay rent each month which can go towards paying the mortgage [...]

What is the price of home insurance for ancestral homes in Quebec?

Ancestral, century-old, historic, or heritage homes are charming, possessing a style and decor that is truly unique and inviting. No wonder many homebuyers find them appealing.However, insuring [...]

The Top 12 Home Insurance Companies in Canada

  Home insurance is a necessity for every Canadian homeowner.  Not only is it required for homes with a mortgage but also for financial security in case [...]

Review Auto and Home insurance with COVID-19

The auto and home insurance industry, like all industries, has experienced upheavals due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But it is probably one of the industries that has [...]

How much is home insurance for a Single-Family Home in Quebec?

Table des matières Buying a house is a dream of many families in Quebec. But when you become a homeowner, you need to be smart because it [...]

5 Insurers in Quebec that offer Syndicate of Co-ownership Insurance

Table des matières Condo buildings are becoming more and more popular in the province. In the past 20 years, this type of property has grown in popularity but [...]

We’ve compared the prices of 20 Home Insurers for you – Here are the Results

In Quebec, everyone must have home insurance, both owners and tenants.While it is not required by law, lender banks require it if you take out a mortgage. [...]

Home & Total Loss Insurance: Rebuild Home or Buy?

Protect your home with adequate home insurance in the event that your home is declared a total loss. Can you rebuild your house based on its new [...]

Airbnb insurance & guarantees vs your home insurance for a house rental

Do you wish to rent out your home via internet platforms like Airbnb? What are the legal requirements? What are the limitations and the exclusions of Airbnb’s [...]

10 points to consider when analyzing your home insurance quote

SAVINGS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Are you at the point that you need to shop around for home insurance? Do you own a condo, a house or are [...]

The Top 5 Home Insurance Companies in Ontario

  If you are thinking of buying a house in Ontario or maybe already own one, you will surely need home insurance. This type of protection is [...]

Moving and Moving Insurance: Find Insurance for your Goods

Planning a move is not easy. For the big day to be a success, you have to do a lot of things, including making sure you have [...]

Complete Insurance Shopping Guide in Quebec– Home, Life, Auto, and Business

Canadians in Quebec need insurance in order to protect our finances and our dependent’s future. Insurance is expensive but without it, we are exposed to more financial [...]

Insurance Coverage for home-sharing or short-stay rentals in Ontario and Quebec

Renting out a room or your house to make some extra money is profitable. However, make sure you are insured before you do. With the convenience of [...]

Secrets to Cheap Renters’ Insurance for condo and apartment tenants in Quebec

Even if you don’t own your home, you still need coverage for certain risks.  Renters insurance provides coverage for water damage, some incidents of nature, burglary, kitchen [...]

Answers to Insurance Questions You May Be Afraid to Ask

Insurance isn’t something people enjoy buying. Most of the time, we buy insurance because we need to, such as home insurance or car insurance. That being the [...]

Renewing your Home Insurance? Not without Renegotiating your rate

Most homeowners don’t pay a lot of attention to their home insurance. It is simply an annoyance that can’t be avoided because it is a part of [...]

9 Things you probably Didn’t Know Are Covered by your Home Insurance

Home insurance comes in two forms – contents insurance for belongings and furniture and building insurance for the building itself and all permanent fixtures. In the last [...]

Save On Home Insurance Premiums with a Home Security System

The cost of home insurance has risen significantly and many Canadians are feeling frustrated.  Did you know that there is an easy way to cut premiums? If [...]

Top 10 Home Insurers in Quebec: Products and Prices

Home insurance is not mandatory in Quebec but all homeowners should have one. Why? Because your home is your most valuable asset and you need to protect it and [...]

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