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Various Insurance policies to protect co-ownership of condominium.

Condo buildings are becoming more and more popular in the province. In the past 20 years, this type of property has grown in popularity but the regulations surrounding its management and insurance coverage were considered a bit like the “Wild West”.

The Government of Quebec has therefore recently implemented management and insurance obligations for all condo buildings to protect the interests of all co-owners.

Syndicate of co-ownership insurance is one of the essential provisions but only a few insurers offer this type of product.

Over the past 10 years, the number of insurers providing syndicate of co-ownership insurance in Quebec has decreased from 11 to 5.  Below you will find a list of insurance companies that still offer syndicate insurance as well as a wealth of information on the topic.

Types of properties that need condo insurance in Quebec

Condo insurance requirements in Quebec.

There are different types of properties managed as divided condos. Indeed, the management of a building of 5 units versus that of a building of 275 units is different.

However, it is essentially the same with a few amended protections. Syndicate insurance is mandatory, whether you have:

CONDO BUILDING 5 – 40 units

CONDO BUILDING less than 5 units

CONDO BUILDING of 40-500 units+

What are the compulsory insurances for a condo building?

When a buyer decides to buy a condo in a condominium building, he accepts certain insurance obligations. Indeed, the requirement of condos is for owners to pay 2 distinct types of insurance, namely the following:


This insurance covers civil liability, property, and improvements made to the co-owner's unit.


This insurance covers the liability of the directors of the syndicate, the building, and the common areas.

What is syndicate co-ownership insurance?

Syndicate of co-ownership insurance is a policy that is used to cover the “building” part of the condominium building as well as the civil liability of the building administrators.

This is insurance intended to cover everything that is held in common by the co-owners of the building.

The syndicate insurance must at least:

The cost of syndicate insurance is divided among all of the co-owners of the building but is often sourced and underwritten directly by the syndicate administrators.

Insurance companies with Syndicate of Co-ownership Insurance

As we mentioned earlier, insurance companies that agree to insure syndicates of co-ownership are becoming increasingly few in Quebec.

Today, only a few insurers still offer this type of protection. Who are they?

Here are the 5 home insurance companies that offer syndicate of co-ownership insurance in Quebec:

  1. Desjardins
  2. Intact
  3. Promutuel
  4. L’Unique General Insurance
  5. Beneva Insurance (formerly La Capitale and SSQ Insurance)

The supply of syndicate insurance in the province is therefore limited, and the demand is strong. However, you can compare at least 3 quotes among these insurers to check who can offer you the best price.

The syndicate's obligations in management and insurance

The syndicate of a co-ownership has certain obligations in terms of management and insurance for the building.

Since 2018, new regulations have been adopted with laws 141 and 16 in Quebec to tighten the standards of management of co-ownerships.

Among the union’s obligations are:

Let’s take a closer look at some of these syndicate obligations and their impact on insurance.

The syndicate must have the cost of rebuilding the building assessed every 5 years

Insurance coverage for the cost of rebuilding in case of total damage.

The syndicate of co-ownership of a building must have a certified appraiser evaluate the cost of rebuilding every 5 years.

Why? Because the value that the appraiser will take out will serve as the minimum coverage amount for the syndicate insurance.

This has to be done every 5 years because the prices of materials and labor fluctuate from year to year. To stay current and relevant, syndicates need to reassess the value to ensure that they have sufficient insurance coverage.

Establish a self-insurance fund to pay the deductible

A new regulation that was adopted in 2018 and which took effect in 2021 concerns the creation of a fund for the unions called a self-insurance fund. This is not the same as a provident fund.

A self-insurance fund obliges the co-owners to accumulate in a fund an amount sufficient to cover the highest deductible of the insurance contract.

It was deemed necessary because of the substantial increases in the amount of the insurance deductibles, at times reaching tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

Oftentimes, this deductible is also used for water damage.

For example, if the water damage deductible is $25,000, the fund must have that amount. The co-owners must contribute an individual amount to pay their share of the deductible in advance. In the event of a claim, a contribution will then have to be made for each co-owner to replenish the self-insurance fund.

Last June 2022, a regulation amending the measures related to the insurance of divided co-ownerships was released by the Government of Quebec.  This new by-law modified the conditions regarding the minimum contribution to the self-insurance fund.  Whereas the minimum fund was previously set at $100,000, it can now be reduced.  Co-owners, however, can still deposit more than this amount in their self-insurance fund according to their financial requirements.

Self-insurance fund to pay the insurance deductible.

Mandatory requirements for condominium administrators

The syndicate of co-ownership is also required to keep an up-to-date and easily accessible register of important documents, as well as a description of each private unit.

Description of the units

A document with the physical description of each unit in terms of the materials used, the quality of the finishing, any improvements made, etc.

Register of important documents

This register must contain all the information that could be useful to the administrators or to third parties, such as the plans and specifications of the building, the declaration of co-ownership, etc.

Documents requested when requesting a syndicate insurance quote

Know your condo insurance requirements in Quebec.

To find syndicate co-ownership insurance, you will need to have provide certain documents to the insurer. These documents may include:

Speak with the insurers to know the requirements of each one. Moreover, if you want to compare several prices and quotes, find out how to do it below.

How to get the best syndicate co-ownership insurance premiums

Documents for syndicate co-ownership insurance quotes.

Do you need syndicate co-ownership insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies? 

We have partner brokers in our network who can quickly look for the most competitive quotes from several insurers on your behalf. 

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FAQS on condo insurance in Quebec

Answers to FAQs on condo insurance in Quebec.

Ownership of a condominium unit in Quebec comes with certain requirements pertaining to insurance. Find out more from our selected FAQS below.

How does condo insurance work in Quebec province?

Starting in October 2020, all condo unit owners are required by Quebec law to have civil liability insurance as part of an individual homeowner’s insurance policy. This is designed to pay for damage caused to another person or personal property.

What is content insurance and what does it cover in a condo?

Contents insurance is part of the homeowner’s insurance policy which pays for damage to the contents of your unit. It can cover you for damage if the Condominium Corporation policy is not sufficient.

What is the right amount of coverage for a condominium insurance?

Your policy must take into account the value of your personal belongings, improvements you have made to your unit (they are not covered by the condominium corporation policy), additional living expenses, etc. A good way to establish the amount you need for coverage is to list down everything you own in your unit, especially high-value items.

What are additional living expenses covered in a condo insurance policy?

In case your unit gets damaged and cannot be occupied temporarily, your insurance will cover additional living expenses such as renting a temporary residence, mortgage payment, and other miscellaneous expenses.

What questions will insurers ask to get a condo insurance quote?

Insurers will want to know the year of construction of the building, the condo heating system, the total value of your belongings, the age of the roof, and the fire alarm system.

Is water damage covered by homeowners’ insurance for a condo?

A majority of insurance claims from condo owners is for water damage. Standard home insurance may cover some types of water damage but not all. For instance, damage due to sudden leaks may be covered. It is best to speak to the insurer to find out if you need to have an add-one to your policy for water damage.  

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