These ten tips will help you analyze your proposals for home insurance in Quebec.

These ten tips will help you analyze your proposals for home insurance in Quebec.


Are you at the point that you need to shop around for home insurance?

Do you own a condo, a house or are you only a tenant in Quebec?

Homeowners insurance will take care of protecting your property after damage or loss such as in the case of theft, water damage or fire.

Our service provides you with a free quote for your home insurance through our partner insurance brokers.

One of them will compare the costs of available home insurance policies and relay the solution that best suits your needs.

To help you with your request, make sure to provide your information and assist you as soon as possible.

Today, during this brief article, we will show you how to analyze an insurance quote to make the best choice.  


10 important factors in a home insurance quote

First of all, be an educated consumer.

Obtain information before you make a final decision and define your financial needs before signing anything.

Know what information you will need to provide later on and why.



1st point to check when requesting a quote from Compare Insurances Online for home insurance.

Trust only the experts!

Get only quotes relayed by specialists in home insurance. You can ensure the certainty and accuracy of the answers because these experts will have all the information required.

Compare Insurances Online provides you with a form on this page to request for a home insurance quote so don’t hesitate to use it !

This comprehensive form covers all the information required for a preferred quote that is transmitted to one of our partner insurance brokers for his review.

The partner brokers of our network are all recognized by the Autorité des marchés financiers as certified by their licenses.

How much will you have in coverage for civil liability with your home insurance?

How much is offered for civil liability?

The civil liability contained in your home insurance is for your financial protection if a third party suffers material damage or injury on your property by your fault or not. This clause applies even if you are somewhere else in the world or at home.

As a general rule, you wish to have $1 million in coverage for civil liability.

Understanding the risks is a good way to know if you have good home insurance coverage.

Understanding the risks

Some factors will affect the final cost of your home insurance.

These factors that come into play are:

  • Installation of a swimming pool and its type
  • The type of foundation
  • The materials of your roof and the date of its last renovation
  • The year of installation of your tank (hot water)
  • The last window replacement
  • Etc.

The insurer particularly evaluates the point of infiltration of water and has to increase its rates accordingly because a structure (house) can be greatly damaged by such incidents.

For the best home insurance, try getting insurance for your belongings with the same insurer for better rates.

Do you have auto insurance?

Your home insurance rates may go down if you also get insurance for your vehicle or other equipment at home with the same insurance company.

An alarm system is always a good way to lower your home insurance premiums.

Do you have an alarm system installed?

Your insurance premiums can go due to an alarm system that connects to a central monitoring station.

Notify your insurer immediately if you have such a system so that your premiums can go down.

An authentic request is really important with all the details included for your home insurance.

Check that your request is genuine!

A good request for home insurance (quote) requires the gathering of the following information:

  • The size of your land and your home
  • Your current home insurance contract
  • The date and cost of acquisition of your house
  • The claims for loss or damage previously filed
  • Municipal assessment
  • Year of construction of your house
  • Technical details
  • Details of the renovation carried out
Your property inventory will be useful during your home insurance application.

Make an inventory of your belongings!

An exhaustive inventory of your assets and personal property will inform you of the insurance coverage value required for your home insurance.

Write down a complete list of your possessions or if you prefer, record them in video or in photos.

Do you perform business-related activities in your home? If so, get home insurance for your goods accordingly.

Is there any commercial activity in your house?

Many goods related to your work may not benefit from coverage at all or only partially such as in the case of furniture or a computer system used for work.

Ask about additional coverage available for your peace of mind.

You can provide crucial information to find the perfect home insurance when one is well-informed.

Be aware of the technical details to get the best quote!

You will be asked to provide information on the following details :

  • Your type of house
  • A spa or pool
  • The age of your water heater
  • Type of roofing used
  • Electrical wiring
  • Exterior cladding used
  • The power held by your electrical box
  • Your method of heating
  • Check valves
  • Evacuation pump
  • Oil tank
  • Your floor drain
Compare Insurances Online for home insurance is a useful and economical option.

Compare prices with the help of a professional to save!

Our form covers all possible information needed by Quebec insurers.

When your request for a quote is completed and sent,  one of our partners (insurance brokers and insurers) will analyze your needs.

Thus, your goals will be carefully studied in addition to your budget.

Soon, a home insurance quote that are tailored to your needs will be sent to you.

Take the time to cehck out this offer and decide if you want to accept or refuse it!

Substantial savings await you!

In addition, you are not required to do anything because your request comes with no obligation, not to mention, free of charge!

Save time and money!

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