Looking for insurance shouldn’t be time-consuming or difficult. We have made it easy for you to find the perfect insurance deal for your home and auto. You can even look for life insurance or business insurance with our free insurance quotes.

Your insurance coverage is not something to be taken lightly. You pay for it with your hard-earned money and you count on it to help during moments of loss or damage.

For this reason, take the time to shop around for the best insurance in Saguenay with our partner insurers for auto, home, life insurance, and commercial insurance.


Choose your Home and Auto Insurance with leading Saguenay Insurers

Your home and vehicle are huge investments to protect. You need damage insurance to keep you covered. Just imagine how much you will pay out of pocket if either your home or auto is damaged and you don’t have adequate coverage?


Types of Home Insurance to Choose From

You need to get the right type of home insurance in Saguenay. Our partner insurers carry all types of home insurance to keep your valuable assets protected.


Condo Insurance in Saguenay

Living in a condo is wonderfully convenient. But don’t think for a moment that your condominium corporation insurance will reimburse you for losses inside your unit.

Condo owners need condo insurance to cover damage of any improvements made inside the unit as well as its contents.


Renters Insurance

Whether you rent an apartment or a condo in Saguenay, you will need renters’ insurance for damage or loss of your personal property. Think about how much it will cost you to replace your home appliances, clothing, and other valuables if your unit is struck by fire, water damage, or theft. Check with free insurance quotes how much you can save for renters’ or tenant insurance.


Homeowners’ Insurance

If you own a home in Saguenay, you can get all-risk insurance or basic home insurance to protect you from potential losses.

You can also choose your coverage options with specified or adapted risks insurance.

Your home insurance coverage can include perils such as water damage from appliances, fire, falling objects, theft and vandalism.

More importantly, you also get liability coverage as protection against injury caused to others inside or outside your home.

No matter what type of home insurance you need, we can help you to find the right coverage at the best rates.

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Our partner insurers serve areas throughout Saguenay:

Looking for Auto or Home Insurance in Saguenay? Get free insurance quotes from leading 3 insurers in Saguenay with Compare Insurances Online.

  • Chicoutimi
  • La Baie
  • Jonquiere

Don’t overspend on insurance. Find affordable rates for your home and auto insurance.


Speak to Insurance Brokers or Direct Insurers in Saguenay

When you experience a motorcycle accident, theft of personal items, or cause accidental damage to someone’s property, you will be thankful to have insurance coverage.

There are various insurance companies in Quebec. This makes it confusing sometimes to find the right insurer and the right insurance product to buy.

The insurance industry has adapted well to the changing times and changing markets. People today do their own research and look for places to travel, book hotels, purchase products and services online, and more. They don’t always want to deal with an intermediary or an agent. This is also true in insurance when consumers prefer to deal with direct insurers for their insurance needs.


Insurance Brokers are valuable partners to your insurance needs

However, insurance brokers are not a thing of the past since they can still add value to your insurance search.

Insurance brokers provide valuable advice and help you to find the right insurance product that is based on your individual needs.  They are indispensable partners in the long term regarding insurance needs that change over time. Your broker works closely with you when you file an insurance claim.

Our network consists of insurance brokers and direct insurers to cater to your personal choices. Our goal is to help you get all the information you need in order to make the smartest choice concerning your insurance needs.

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The Many Forms of Automobile Insurance in Quebec Province

Whether you drive a motorcycle, a personal vehicle, a commercial vehicle, or a recreational vehicle, you will need the right type of auto insurance.

Quebec’s auto insurance system is unique because it has divided the way you get covered – with public insurance for bodily injury and private insurance for vehicle damage.

The mandatory auto insurance in Quebec requires all drivers in the province to carry at least a minimum of $50,000 in liability. However, majority of drivers have higher coverage that can reach up to $1 Million.


Private Auto Insurance for Additional Protection

How much will it cost you for repairs if your vehicle gets into an accident? How much will you spend if you get sued for damage to others outside of Quebec?

Your auto insurance can cover you for damage to your vehicle (one side) or damage to another vehicle (2 sides).

Our partner insurers also offer insurance for other types of vehicles such as:

  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Don’t take chances with your valuable assets. Make sure you have sufficient home and auto insurance in Saguenay.


Save Time and Money when you Compare Free Insurance Quotes

Our system for free insurance quotes is simple: we provide the most competitive insurance quotes from our partner insurers in your area.

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