Choosing an insurance company for home, auto, or life insurance in Montreal-South Shore can be time consuming. You want to make sure you get the best coverage but not overspend on insurance premiums.

Luckily, you can obtain free insurance quotes when you fill-out our quick online form to receive 3 quotes from 3 leading insurance companies.


Insurance Products Provide Financial Security

Insurance products are not unnecessary expenses.  In fact, they are extremely useful to obtaining financial security for the future.

While people may argue that insurance premiums put a huge dent in our budget, think about the consequences of not having adequate insurance.


Life Insurance Products for the Young and Old

There are many reasons why people buy life insurance but there is one common factor that is shared by most consumers. They all want to make sure that their families or loved ones are not left financially bereft in their absence.

We don’t want to think about death but we do need to think about what happens to our families if we are not there for them.

Life insurance benefits include tax-free death benefits paid to your dependents. Depending on your type of policy, cash benefits can be used by your loved ones for your final expenses, settlement of debts, and other financial needs.


Ensure Financial Benefits to your loved ones

Whether you take out temporary life insurance or permanent life insurance, you will be ensuring financial benefits to your families. However, there are huge and significant differences in these two types of life insurance.

Before buying life insurance, make sure you understand the best coverage that applies to your circumstances and budget.

Most importantly, buy life insurance as soon as you are able because premiums cost less when you are younger and healthier.

What’s more, you can buy insurance to protect your wealth and make it grow with carefully chosen life insurance like whole life or universal life insurance.

Compare multiple quotes from insurers with Compare Insurances Online.

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Home Insurance is Affordable in Montreal South Shore

Is it time to renew your home insurance? Are you wondering if you could get lower home insurance premiums?

Shopping for home insurance is easier when you compare home insurance quotes online. Our partner insurers offer competitive and affordable premiums for condo insurance, homeowner insurance, or co-owner insurance.


Ways to Cut Down on Home Insurance Premiums

You may not know it but insurers offer different home insurance premiums based on various factors.

The location of your home, age and condition of your home, your credit rating, and your claims history influence how much you pay for home insurance.


There are a few ways you can save on home insurance, including:

  • ✓ Taking steps to make your home safer such as installing a monitored alarm system
  • ✓ Upgrading your home’s electrical and heating systems to lower the risk of fire and other accidents
  • ✓ Maintaining a clean credit rating
  • ✓ Obtaining insurance bundles for home, auto, and life insurance
  • ✓ Comparing multiple quotes online with Compare Insurances Online

Homeowner’s insurance, co-owner insurance or condo insurance are available for protection of your most important asset – your home.

Learn more about the best home insurance coverage for your home in Montreal-South Shore. You can receive the best insurance quotes and speak to your preferred broker or insurer for more advice.


Cheaper Auto Insurance in Montreal-South Shore

Quebec is aptly called “La Belle Province” and it makes driving here pleasurable because of the scenery.  It is not, however, exempt from driving accidents and damage to property due to automobile accidents.

Auto insurance prices are cheap in Quebec compared to other parts of Canada. In Montreal South Shore, our partner insurers offer very competitive premiums to consumers who shop for auto insurance online.


Factors that Influence Auto Insurance Premiums

In Quebec, insurers determine your auto insurance premium using factors that include:

  • Age and gender
  • Your vehicle’s mileage
  • Length of driving history
  • Driving record
  • Vehicle usage (personal, leisure, commercial)
  • Violations of Highway Safety Code
  • Any history of vehicular accidents
  • Driver’s training

Statistics show that auto insurance rates are the lowest in Quebec compared to other provinces. In Quebec, the public insurer (Quebec Automobile Insurance Corporation) is restricted to bodily injury coverage. Individuals also have private coverage from insurers for material damage to their automobile as well as civil liability.


How to shop for affordable auto insurance

Compare Insurances Online allows you to fill-out a request form with your driver and personal information which is forwarded to leading insurance companies.  You then receive 3 free auto insurance quotes that you can compare to choose the best policy at the best price.

Although auto insurance premiums are cheaper in Quebec province, you can still save more money when you buy auto insurance using Compare Insurances Online.


Our Partner Insurers Serve All of Montreal South Shore

No matter where you live in Montreal South Shore, our partner insurers can provide your insurance needs.


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