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How to Find Quality Auto Insurance in Hull, Quebec

When looking for the best auto insurance in Hull that suits your lifestyle, don’t go it alone.

You need to find the right auto insurance that covers you on the road.

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Learn how auto insurance rates are calculated

A few factors help insurers decide on your auto insurance rate.

Below are the most common factors insurance companies use to calculate your premium:


1. Your Vehicle’s Details

The model, year, and make of your vehicle helps determine your insurance premium.

If your vehicle has a good safety and handling features, costs less to fix, and statistically proven to be involved in fewer accidents or thefts, you could get lower premiums.


2. Vehicle Usage

Whether you use your vehicle for personal or commercial use also determines your insurance premium. Personal car insurance policies won’t cover you for accidents or theft on a work vehicle.


3. Kilometers Travelled

The frequency of your travel and the distance you travel also affects your premium. The more often you drive, the higher the risk that you will be involved in an accident. Insurers check on how many kilometers you drive every year.


4. Driving Record

Insurers check on your driving record as well as the risks you pose when on the road.  If you have a good driving record, you can benefit from lower insurance premiums.


5. Type of Coverage

There are a number of features you can add to your auto insurance that can increase your premium. The higher your level of protection, the more you pay for auto insurance. A good way to lower your premiums is to choose a higher deductible.

To help you get a better understanding of auto insurance in Hull, below are some common questions about auto insurance.


Frequently Asked Questions about Auto Insurance in Hull

What are other options to consider for auto insurance?

You can have greater protection on the road with additional features for auto insurance such as:

  • Collision or upset
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Specified perils
  • All perils
  • Damage to non-owned vehicle
  • Claims Forgiveness
  • Loss of Use (rental for alternative transport)
  • Disappearing deductible (decrease of premium every renewal if without claims)


What is the mandatory auto insurance in Quebec?

The province uses a blended automobile insurance system. Bodily injury is covered by the Societe de l’assurance automobile du Quebec (SAAQ) while property damage is handled by private insurance companies

Under the Automobile Insurance Act, vehicle owners/drivers are required to have civil liability insurance of at least $50,000. This insurance also includes damage caused by a collision in the province where the insured is not at fault, property and bodily injury outside Quebec and third party damage that is caused by the insured.

Although the minimum requirement is $50,000, majority of policy holders have $1 Million liability coverage.


What is the recommended amount of deductible?

A deductible is the amount you shoulder in case of a claim. The higher the deductible, the lower your premium

Common deductibles are as follows:

Collision or upset: $250 to $1,000

Comprehensive (fire, theft or vandalism): $250

All perils: $500

Choose a deductible that you can realistically shoulder in case of a loss.


What factors are considered in calculating auto insurance premiums?

Insures consider various factors in computing your auto insurance premium, such as:

  • ✓ The make, model and year of your vehicle
  • ✓ Driver’s profile (age, sex)
  • ✓ Claims history (number of accidents)
  • ✓ Driving record
  • ✓ Your location and where you take your car
  • ✓ Purpose of vehicle (personal or business)
  • ✓ Credit history

These factors will dictate whether you get assigned a low or high insurance rate. To save on premiums, improve how you rate on these factors.


What are ways to save on auto insurance premiums?

You can save money on your auto insurance premiums with a few handy tricks.

  1. Increase your deductible
  2. Buy your auto and home insurance from the same company
  3. Install an anti-theft device on your vehicle
  4. Maintain an excellent driving record
  5. Shop for great auto insurance deals with free insurance quotes online.

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Choose your Home Insurance with Care

Your home insurance is very important because it protects your most valuable asset – your home and your possessions.

With Compare Insurances Online, you can get better deals on your condo insurance or homeowner’s insurance. Choose from all risks coverage, specified perils, or comprehensive coverage for your home.

If you feel you are paying too much for your home insurance, save hundreds of dollars by reviewing your homeowner insurance and looking for a better deal.


What your homeowner’s insurance can cover

You can get protection for your home and everything inside it with your homeowner’s insurance.

  • ✓ Building and attached structures
  • ✓ Personal property
  • ✓ Living expenses (if your home becomes unfit for occupancy and you need temporary living arrangements)

You can get free home insurance quotes to compare benefits and costs from top home insurers in Hull. You can also speak to your selected insurance broker if you have more questions about your home insurance.

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