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We all wish we didn’t have to buy insurance because premiums can cost a lot.

Unfortunately, insurance is something we all need. Without the right insurance, we are at risk for financial losses that could have a negative impact on our financial situation.

For instance, if we have no home insurance, we will be in an extremely difficult situation if our property is damaged by an unforeseen event.

It is always possible to save on insurance costs when you choose the right insurance product with a good insurer.

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Frequently asked Questions about Home Insurance in Trois-Rivieres

If you are looking for affordable home insurance, it is important to compare features and benefits of policies offered by insurers.

We have prepared the most common questions about home insurance to help you out.


How much coverage should I get for my home?

It is important to determine the actual value of your home as well as its contents. A good way to know the amount of coverage you need is to make an inventory of your belongings. Check with your insurance company about exclusions to personal property. You can determine the value of your home by consulting a property appraiser.


Do I need coverage for liability from my home insurance?

The coverage for liability on your home insurance protects you at home and anywhere in the world. If you cause injury to another person or damage to another property, your home insurance can cover the damages.


Why do insurance companies check on my home heating system?

Insurance companies always assess the risks in your home before assigning your insurance rate. If your property uses oil for heating, a leak could cause damage to the environment. Wood stoves are also known to cause fires and other hazards.


Can home insurance cover expensive jewelry and art pieces?

Since these items are also contents of your home, they can be covered by your home insurance but for a limited amount. It is a good idea to obtain cover for valuables separately.


Am I required to get tenant insurance for the apartment I am renting?

You are not required to buy tenant insurance but it is definitely advisable. Your landlord has insurance for the building where you live but not for your personal property. Think about how much it would cost you to replace items in your apartment that could get stolen, lost, or damaged by an unforeseen event.


How can I lower my home insurance premium?

Home insurance premiums can be expensive but there are ways to lower your insurance rate. Do you already have a monitored alarm system in your home? Installing an alarm system can qualify you for a lower premium. Make your house a safer place by checking that your plumbing, electricity, and heating systems are in good condition. You can also opt for a higher deductible to lower your premium. Speak to your insurance broker about how to qualify for discounts for your home insurance.


Frequently Asked Questions About Life Insurance in Trois-Rivieres

Life insurance is considered frivolous by many individuals. But they can’t be more wrong.

The bigger our responsibilities in life, the more critical it is to own life insurance.

For a better understanding of life insurance benefits and products, below are the most common questions regarding life insurance in Trois Rivieres.


What age should I buy life insurance?

Most insurers require that a person applying for life insurance is between 18 to 80 years old. The younger the individual, the cheaper the cost of life insurance. It is therefore ideal to buy life insurance while one is young and healthy.


How much life insurance do I need?

The face amount of your life insurance is something you decide on. It is best to base it on how much your dependents will need should something bad happen to you. For instance, a father with a young family and a mortgage may need more life insurance than a single individual. A retired person in his 60s may also need a lower amount of life insurance than someone in his 40s.

In addition, the amount of your life insurance also depends on the type of policy you obtain and the insurer. As an example, majority of insurers offer term life insurance from $50,000 to $2,000,000.


What happens if I apply for insurance coverage and decide I don’t want it?

Based on laws in Canada, an individual who purchases an insurance policy has 10 days to examine the contract. If he is dissatisfied in any way, he is entitled to cancel the policy and get a refund of his premium paid.


Can I increase or reduce the amount of my coverage?

Generally speaking, an insured can reduce or increase the amount of coverage. However, your insurer may require medical tests and payment of additional premiums for an increase in amount of coverage.


Should I get term life or permanent life insurance?

There are distinct pros and cons to both term life and permanent life insurance. Determining the ideal insurance solution for you would depend on several factors including:

Budget: Term life insurance is cheaper than permanent life insurance.

Needs: Term life insurance covers you for a specific period (5-20 years) while permanent life insurance covers you for life.

Goals: Term life insurance is for temporary insurance needs and has no cash value. You get no benefits if you outlive your policy. Permanent life insurance has cash value upon surrender, offers savings you can use when accumulated, or even dividends for certain types of policies.

You can speak to an insurance broker about these two insurance types before you buy life insurance if you need more advice.


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