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Get the Best Home Insurance in Bas Saint Laurent

Home insurance is critical because your property is your most important asset. What happens if your property gets damaged by fire? Even repairs due to water damage from appliances or your roof damaged by a falling object can mean thousands of dollars.

Choosing the right home insurance coverage can save you a lot of stress and headache. Whether you are a condo owner, a second-home owner, an owner-occupant or even a tenant, you can find the right home insurance from our free insurance quotes.


More options for higher coverage for your Homeowner Insurance

Today, home insurance in Bas Saint-Laurent and Rimouski offers various types of coverage to suit your needs as a homeowner, a condo owner, a condo syndicate, or as a tenant.

Our partner insurers provide the following types of coverage for your home:

Civil liability: Covers you for damage in case someone gets injured or damage is caused to someone’s property.

Basic insurance: Covers most accidents in your home and specified perils such as theft and fire.

All Risk Insurance: More extensive coverage than basic insurance with more generous inclusions as specified in your policy

Adapted Risks: Addresses specific perils that you choose for your policy

Vacant Building Insurance: Coverage of your home in Bas Saint Laurent or Rimouski that is currently uninhabited

You can choose all risk insurance for more comprehensive home insurance although it does not cover all risks but those mentioned in the contract.   Adapted or designated risks insurance is cheaper but has less inclusions.

You can choose to discuss your insurance needs further with your selected insurance broker from our network of partners.


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Compare Insurances Online is for Auto, Life, and Home Insurance Needs

Our insurance quotes are for home, auto, and life insurance needs.

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Be covered with Life Insurance for More Peace of Mind

Life is so full of uncertainties that cause to worry and fret about the future.

With the right life insurance coverage, you have less to worry about because you know your family’s future is secure.

In Quebec, people can choose from different temporary life insurance (called term life) or permanent life insurance (whole life or universal life insurance).

While these life insurance products generally provide death benefits to beneficiaries, they work in different ways to suit different insurance needs.


Term Life Insurance for Cheaper and Temporary Life Insurance Coverage

Term life insurance is cheaper because it provides time-limited coverage. You can obtain life insurance for 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years, especially during periods in life when your level of financial responsibilities is high.

This is an ideal product because it allows you to get coverage now, for the amount that you can afford. Postponing your life insurance will only leave you more exposed to financial risks. The longer you wait, the higher your premiums will cost due to deteriorating health conditions and age.

You can even get term life insurance coverage today and convert to permanent life insurance at a later time.


Permanent Life Insurance for Lifetime Coverage

Some individuals desire to have life insurance that has a savings or investment component. Permanent life insurance has cash value because it builds savings and can even generate dividends (for participating life insurance policies).

Although more complex than term life insurance, permanent life insurance is ideal for individuals who want more from life insurance than just death benefits.


Significant differences of permanent life insurance from temporary life insurance

  • Permanent life insurance is more expensive
  • Policies are more complex
  • Premiums are level and guarantee lifetime coverage
  • Builds cash value with premiums paid
  • Earn dividends (for universal life insurance)

Whichever type of life insurance you choose, make sure to consider your needs and your budget.


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