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Is it time to renew your insurance coverage for Life, Home or Auto Insurance?

Policies for home, auto, and life insurance become due for renewal every now and then. It is best to reassess our insurance coverage rather than go for automatic renewal.

Our insurance needs change over time. We make improvements to our home that may raise its value. Our family’s financial needs also change and grow due to a change in circumstances. These changes mean we have to revisit our insurance coverage to ensure that they also adjust to our new needs.


Increase or Reduce your Coverage depending on your Needs

If you had term life for 10 years that’s now up for renewal, you can consider adjusting the face amount if you have less financial risks and obligations. You could also consider converting to permanent life insurance to lock-in great rates for a lifetime.

It is critical that insurance coverage is adequate and in tune with our lifestyle, our finances, and our needs.

Whether you need life insurance, home insurance, or business insurance, we have you covered.


Get the best insurance coverage from Home and Automobile Insurance

Your home and automobile are major investments for which you need the right insurance coverage. No matter how careful we are, accidents and disasters occur that could result in financial losses if you have no insurance coverage.


Assess the Value of Your Property for Adequate Damage Protection

It is incredible how much people can accumulate over a short period of time. The home you bought 5 years ago may have undergone improvements or renovations that have drastically changed its value. If your property is damaged by an unforeseen risk, your home insurance may no longer be adequate to cover you for its higher value.

It is good to make a list of the contents of your home as well as improvements you have made to get a clearer picture about your home’s value.

If you feel unsure about the insurable value of your property, it is a good idea to reassess your home’s value with a professional appraiser every 5 years.


Make sure you Have Adequate Life Insurance, Too

You have finally purchased a home and you already have your dream car. Both are insured as required by your lender so you feel your important assets are all covered.

What about you? Are you also covered by a good life insurance product?


Protect your Family’s Future with Temporary or Permanent Life Insurance

Whether you are single or married, you have financial obligations. You may have a mortgage, credit card debts, a car loan, or business liabilities.

These financial obligations can become a huge burden to your spouse, other family members, and to your business partner.

Temporary or permanent life insurance are ideal solutions for providing financial protection in the short or long term.

Term life insurance is more affordable and offers short-term insurance protection, specifically during periods when you are exposed to huge financial risks. You can obtain term life insurance for 10 or 20 years, until such time that your mortgage is paid and your children are independent.

If you want lifetime coverage, you can opt for permanent life insurance and take advantage of savings or dividends, depending on your policy type.

The benefits from life insurance have tax advantages and would be a welcome respite to loved ones should something bad happen to you.

Life insurance is not for you – it’s a gift you make for the people you care most about.


Choosing the best insurance company in Sherbrooke in 3 easy steps

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Best of all, there’s no cost or obligation on your part. We just want to provide you with as much information as you need to be able to make a smart choice for your insurance coverage.

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Home, Auto, or Life Insurance anywhere in Sherbrooke

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