Insurance for electric cars in Quebec.
Insurance for electric cars in Quebec.

Insurance for electric cars is no longer uncommon since they are becoming more and more popular in Quebec.

Many Quebecers have come to appreciate the impact of greenhouse gas emissions and want to be more environmentally-conscious motorists. 

However, one of the key questions on the minds of many aspiring electric car owners is if it is more expensive to insure an electric car?

The cost of insurance is an essential factor to consider when buying a vehicle, whether electric or gas-powered. In this article, we will explore in detail the different factors that influence the cost of electric car insurance in Quebec. 

The importance of insuring an electric car in Quebec

Electric car insurance benefits for vehicle owners.

Car insurance is very important to all vehicle owners, whether electric or gas-powered. However, for owners of electric cars, there are some specific aspects that make this coverage all the more necessary. Here are a few:  

Financial protection in the event of an accident

Auto insurance provides financial protection in the event of an accident. This applies as much to a collision with another vehicle as to damage to public property. 

Electric cars are generally more expensive to repair due to their advanced technologies and specific components.  Hence, it is essential to have adequate insurance to cover any repair costs.

Cover against theft and vandalism

Due to their high value and advanced technology, electric cars are targeted by car thieves. Insurance covers theft and malicious damage. Thus, it provides additional peace of mind for electric car owners.

Third-party liability

Automobile insurance also offers protection in the event of civil liability, for instance, if the driver is responsible for an accident that causes bodily injury or property damage to others. This coverage is mandatory. It ensures that those affected by an accident caused by an electric car driver receives adequate compensation.

Protection in the event of breakdown or immobilization

Some insurance policies may also 
offer roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown or immobilization of the electric vehicle. This can be particularly important for electric car owners as the availability of charging stations can vary. A breakdown may require a towing service to a charging station or specialist workshop.

Qualification for government incentives

In some cases, to qualify for government incentives related to electric cars such as registration discounts or purchase subsidies, it may be necessary to demonstrate valid insurance for electric vehicles.

Insuring an electric car: The factors that influence its cost

Factors that affect the price of electric car insurance.

The cost of electric car insurance in Quebec is influenced by several factors. These are similar to those affecting internal combustion engine insurance. However, certain elements specific to electric cars which also play a role in determining insurance premiums. Here are some of the main factors:

Vehicle value

Electric cars generally have a higher initial purchase cost than gasoline-powered cars. A higher vehicle value means that repair or replacement costs in the event of an accident will also be higher, which can lead to higher insurance premiums.

Repair costs

Electric cars use advanced technologies, including batteries and complex electronic systems. Repairs to these components can be more expensive than gasoline-powered cars. These higher repair costs are reflected in higher insurance premiums.

Safety statistics

Insurers often rely on accident and claims statistics to assess the risks associated with a specific car model. If the data shows that electric cars have favorable safety statistics, this can lead to lower insurance premiums.

Range and performance

Some electric car models offer greater range or superior performance which may influence insurance premiums. Electric cars with better performance could be considered more likely to be driven at higher speeds, increasing the risk of accidents.

The driver’s place of residence

The vehicle owner’s place of residence is an important factor. Some areas may have higher accident rates or a higher risk of theft. This can lead to higher insurance premiums.

Driving history

The vehicle owner’s driving record, including any history of accidents or Highway Code violations, also influence the cost of insurance.

Government incentives

Some governments offer specific incentives to electric car owners such as rebates or advantageous insurance programs. These incentives can help reduce the overall cost of insurance.

Great incentives for buying and insuring an electric car


There are three ways that you can lower your insurance premium for an electric car:

Advanced security technologies:

Electric cars are often equipped with advanced safety technologies. In particular, they have driver assistance systems, automatic emergency brakes, and collision sensors. These features can improve driver and passenger safety, potentially lowering the cost of insurance premiums.

Mechanical parts:

These cars have fewer mechanical parts than gasoline-powered vehicles. This is because they do not have an internal combustion engine or a traditional gearbox. This then makes it possible to reduce the risk of mechanical failure, thus reducing the frequency of repairs.  

Advanced anti-theft:

They are often equipped with advanced security features that can deter thieves. Insurers may view these features as risk reduction factors, which may lead to lower insurance premiums.

In Quebec, the government and insurers encourage green mobility by offering policies or incentive bonuses for consumers who choose electric vehicles.  

Insurance companies encourage the purchase of electric cars by offering attractive discounts to their policyholders. Some offer premium reductions of up to 20%.

In addition to insurance discounts offered by insurers, the government has introduced direct incentive programs for owners of electric cars. These subsidies can indirectly help reduce overall costs, including insurance costs.

How much is electric car insurance in Quebec?

EVs have become very popular. When buying an electric car, the cost of insurance is something that must also be considered.

Insurance premiums are not the same for every vehicle owner because every policy is a case-to-case-basis. Insurers look at factors specific to you such as age, gender, residence, driving record, model of your vehicle, etc. 

The average cost of electric car insurance premiums in Quebec is from $1,800 to $4,600, but these can vary from one person to another.

While it is not possible to give a definite amount offhand, you can get an accurate estimate by requesting free and no-obligation quotes using our short online form. These free quotes will give you a good idea of how much you can expect to pay for your electric car insurance.

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