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Assess Your Coverage for Life, Auto and Home Insurance

It’s quite normal to want to yawn when talk gets around to insurance.  Yet, it is definitely important to know about insurance and how you can protect your most important assets.

Your business, whether small or big, needs insurance to ensure your hard-earned capital and efforts are not put at risk. Same goes for your home and your vehicle, which when damaged, can expose you to huge expenditures or losses.

The best way to know what types of insurance you need and how much insurance you need is to make an inventory of your assets and your liabilities.

And don’t forget, your most important asset is your life. Don’t neglect to ensure that you also have adequate life insurance protection to protect your legacy to your loved ones.


Compare Life, Home, or Auto Insurance Costs with Free Online Insurance Quotes

If you own a vehicle, you surely have auto insurance already. Are you satisfied with your current policy or do you feel you are paying too much?

For your home insurance, do you have adequate coverage for damage against necessary perils? You can upgrade from basic coverage to all-risks home insurance coverage for more comprehensive protection.

It is important to check if your current insurance policies provide you with adequate coverage so you can maximize the benefits of your insurance.

Remember, it only takes one accident or one loss to wipe out your entire savings if your damage is not covered by your policy.


Home Insurance in Levis Comes in Many Forms

Do you have the right home insurance coverage for your home in Levis? The main challenge to finding the best homeowner’s insurance is deciding which coverage works best for your needs.


All-Risk Insurance Coverage for Ultimate Protection

One significant advantage of all-risk insurance is the fact that it covers most perils to your property, including:

  • ✓ Vandalism and theft
  • ✓ Fire
  • ✓ Water damage from home appliances and burst pipes
  • ✓ Damage from falling objects
  • ✓ Accidents such as floor damage from spills

For condo owners, all-risk home insurance can also cover improvements you have made to your unit that are not covered by your condo corporation’s insurance.

If you have an insured loss life fire that makes your home unfit for occupancy, your insurance can also cover additional living expenses while repairs are being done.


Save on Insurance Premiums when you Bundle Home and Auto Insurance

If your home or auto insurance is up for renewal, it may be a good time to reassess your insurance coverage.

When you bundle your home and auto insurance with one insurer, you can qualify for huge discounts that could amount to hundreds of dollars.

Check our free insurance quotes for home insurance and auto insurance to receive competitive quotes from 3 top insurers in Levis.


Be Insured Against Damage to Minimize Potential Losses

Insurance is certainly nothing new; it has been around for more than 4 centuries.  Because of changing consumer needs, insurance products have adapted to the times and are now available for all kinds of risks – life insurance, home insurance, automobile insurance, business insurance, and more.  The underlying principle is that if there is a risk with a possibility of loss, it must be insured.


Is Insurance Mandatory in Quebec?

Auto insurance is mandatory in Quebec, at least for civil liability for a minimum of $50,000. This coverage is for property damage that a driver may cause to others.

Home insurance is not mandatory unless you have a creditor or financing for your home.  However, it is highly recommended that a home be insured because the financial risks in case of damage are quite high.


Take Steps for Damage Prevention

But while we insure all our assets against all types of risks, it is equally important to take steps to prevent damage.

Whenever we make a claim against our insurance, our insurance rates can also increase.

  1. Always inform your insurance broker or company about any improvements you make to your property. You can then receive valuable advice about your insurance coverage and if there is a need to make adjustments to your level of protection.
  2. Many claims from home insurance can be avoided if homeowners ensure preventive measures. Take stock of your home’s security, plumbing and heating systems.
  3. Be well-informed about the inclusions and exclusions of your home and auto insurance. Understanding how your insurance coverage works is key to effective protection from possible losses.


Best Prices for Auto Insurance with Free Auto Insurance Quotes

All vehicle drivers in Levis have an idea of what they want from their insurance coverage. Thus, it is important to be able to compare multiple auto insurance quotes to find tailored solutions to your needs.

Understanding the many types of auto insurance options can be confusing and overwhelming. Majority of private insurers provide the mandatory Quebec auto insurance but also offer other options as add-ons to improve your coverage.

For example, you are required to have liability coverage for other vehicles, property, and other drivers if you are involved in an accident. However, it would be great if you also had other specified perils.

You can also take advantage of features such as claims forgiveness, roadside assistance, transportation, disappearing deductibles, and more.


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Our partner insurers cover all areas in Levis, such as:
  • Desjardins
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You can find a Levis insurance company that can give you the special attention you deserve.

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