Airbnb insurance & guarantees vs your home insurance for a house rental

Do you wish to rent out your home via internet platforms like Airbnb? What are the legal requirements? What are the limitations and the exclusions of Airbnb’s [...]

10 points to consider when analyzing your home insurance quote

SAVINGS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Are you at the point that you need to shop around for home insurance? Do you own a condo, a house or are [...]

Top 20 Life Insurance Companies in Canada

  If you are shopping for life insurance right now, you are probably wondering which life insurance company is the best. Well, it would be difficult to [...]

5 examples of situations where Term Life Insurance is advantageous

  THE AMAZING BENEFITS OF A FINANCIAL PRODUCT   Although term life insurance accounts for the life insurance of most people in Quebec, it remains a mystery [...]

The Top 5 Home Insurance Companies in Ontario

  If you are thinking of buying a house in Ontario or maybe already own one, you will surely need home insurance. This type of protection is [...]

Top 20 life insurance tips to save on the price

DO NOT LOSE MONEY WITH THESE TIPS! Did shopping for your new car cost you a lot of time and money? Choosing your life insurance is just [...]

Disability Insurance and Self-Employed Workers: Is it possible?

INVALUABLE PROTECTION FOR DIFFICULT TIMES There are more than 544,000 self-employed individuals In Quebec based on the article of La Presse entitled « Disability Insurance for young self-employed [...]

Is it harder for a cancer survivor to get life or disability insurance?

Find the answers to your questions about life insurance after cancer or other serious illnesses. Do life insurance companies cover survivors? Are prices for such coverage more [...]


Have you heard that no life insurance company will pay death benefits to your beneficiaries if you commit suicide? This is not totally true or false; we [...]

The REAL PRICE to pay when buying a property!

An overview of the costs related to buying a property If this is your first time to buy a property, you will discover here the fees associated [...]

How much does a smoker pay for his life insurance?

ARE YOU PAYING FOR YOUR SINS? Smoking… Don’t be surprised if this bad habit serves as a big disadvantage for you when getting life insurance. Since the [...]

How to save money during a mortgage renewal?

GET SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS! When the time comes to renew a mortgage, the majority of policyholders accept the terms from their financial institution without complaint. Unaware that they [...]

Should I take life insurance if I am alone and have no children?

DOES A SINGLE NEED INSURANCE?   In the majority of cases, when we decide to consult an insurance broker to take out life insurance, we are thinking [...]

What are the differences between individual and group mortgage life insurance?

  HOW  DO YOU DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN TWO SIMILAR PRODUCTS?   Do you need to choose between a group or individual mortgage life insurance? It is not always [...]

Is it useful to take an individual mortgage life insurance?

  When we decide to take out an individual mortgage life insurance, we think immediately of the people we cherish most. Will they be provided for at [...]

How to protect your business with life insurance?

  GET INSURANCE FOR YOUR BUSINESS TO LIMIT RISKS A life insurance policy is generally the best method for protecting one’s family and wealth, especially when succession [...]

Life insurance for a dentist: how to do your estate planning?

  MAKE GOOD DECISIONS AND LIMIT THE RISKS   Everyone would like to have the best knowledge, especially in the field of life insurance. Many dentists ask [...]

How much could you save by taking out your life insurance before age 35?

  If you are like most young and healthy people who don’t think about old age, this is for you. Far be it to mention to you [...]

How to avoid mortgage insurance by taking a life insurance?

Don’t fall into this trap and say «NO»!   You are about to make the most expensive purchase in your lifetime: the home of your dreams. This [...]

Why is critical illness insurance for children becoming more and more popular?

  ACCOMPANY YOUR CHILD IN THE HOSPITAL WITHOUT FINANCIAL WORRIES! No expense is minor when your child is critically ill. For example, the cost of parking your [...]

How to choose the right life insurance for you in Quebec?

  WHICH LIFE INSURANCE IS MOST ADVANTAGEOUS FOR YOU? Life insurance is protection for the people you are financially responsible for.  When determining the necessity of life [...]

Recognize the best offer in term life insurance to pay the right price

  WHAT IS THE BEST TERM LIFE INSURANCE IN QUEBEC? First and foremost, without going into what term life insurance includes, let us define it clearly: « Term [...]

How to choose which critical illness insurance – including cancer – you need in 2018?

  WHICH LIFE INSURANCE PLAN TO CHOOSE AS PROTECTION AGAINST CRITICAL ILLNESS INCLUDING CANCER?   As soon as symptoms of a disease begin to affect you, your [...]

Why turn to life insurance to pay for your funeral in Quebec?

RETRAITE QUEBEC AND THE BENEFIT OF $2,500 DOES NOT COVER THE COSTS When a deceased person does not have life insurance, it becomes difficult to pay for a [...]

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