If you are looking for any type of insurance in Lanaudiere, we provide free insurance quotes for life insurance, home insurance, commercial insurance, or auto insurance.


How Compare Insurances Online Works

Our network consists of accredited and experienced insurers offering all types of insurance solutions in Lanaudiere.

When you fill-out our online request form, we forward your insurance information to leading insurance companies in your area.

These insurers review your insurance requirements and current information to offer you the most competitive quotes. You receive multiple insurance quotes in your preferred method of contact so you can review them and choose the most advantageous package.

Our insurance quotes are absolutely free and come with no obligation on your part.

You can easily find the right insurer and insurance product in just a few clicks.


We have partnered with leading Insurers Throughout Lanaudiere

Our network of insurers offers insurance protection for you, your home, or your other assets anywhere in Lanaudiere.


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You can complete our request form in just 5 minutes to receive free and no obligation quotes from 3 leading insurance companies in your area.

Choosing the right insurance company and product

You can feel a bit lost and confused when reading so much about different insurance products from insurers. How do you know which one is the best?

  • Do you get term life or whole life insurance?
  • What features do you need to add to your home insurance?
  • How much coverage should you get?
  • What should be the amount of your deductible?

These very important questions can seem overwhelming and they have a huge impact on the quality of your insurance coverage.

We have brought together brokers and insurers in the region so you can have more options.

With Compare Insurances Online, you can connect with a broker or an insurer of your choice, get professional advice and answers to your questions, and compare insurance benefits and prices.


Look for Better Coverage with Your Home and Auto Insurance

Our insurance partners have been providing effective insurance solutions in Joliette and the rest of Lanaudiere for a long time.

Without doubt, you can find with free insurance quotes from Compare Insurances Online the best auto, home, or business coverage that’s within your budget.


Auto Insurance in Lanaudiere

Surely you want auto insurance with wide coverage but at a competitive price.  Thousands of car owners and drivers in Quebec have come to us for help in finding the right car insurance.

Quebec’s auto insurance system combines private insurance and public insurance for better coverage. Bodily injury coverage is provided by government insurers while private insurers handle property damage. This unique system makes cheaper auto insurance possible in the province.

You can also bundle your auto insurance with your recreational vehicle insurance for lower premiums.


Home Insurance in Lanaudiere

You can have greater peace of mind with home insurance that fits your needs.  For homeowners, our partners provide homeowner insurance with damage protection, contents insurance, and liability coverage.  Renters can also obtain tenant insurance for their property.


Life Insurance for Financial Security

It is important to have life insurance coverage to make sure that everything we have worked hard for in life is protected.

You can choose from temporary life insurance for 5, 10, 15, or 20 years. This type of life insurance is suitable for periods in your life where your financial obligations are at their peak.

You can also obtain permanent life insurance to enjoy locked-in rates for life and lifetime cover.  Permanent life insurance offers savings and dividends (depending on your type of policy) as well as cash value which you can use when you need funds.

You can find more options for your insurance needs with Compare Insurances Online. Simply fill-out our short form to receive the most competitive quotes from leading insurers in Lanaudiere.


How to Save More from your Insurance Premiums

We all know that insurance is something we can’t do without. But we wish we could get lower rates for home, auto, and life insurance.

Did you know you can save money from insurance premiums by following a few simple tricks?

Tips to Save on Insurance Premiums

  1. Review your insurance for home and life insurance regularly to ensure that you have adequate coverage.
    If you have term life insurance that is up for renewal, review face amount to see if you can decrease it if your mortgage has been paid off or if you have fewer debts than before.  You will pay lower premiums if you decrease the face amount of your term life insurance upon renewal. You may also consider converting to whole life insurance for lifetime cover and locked-in rates since term life insurance premiums are higher after each renewal.
  2. Bundle your home and auto insurance under one insurance company to avail of discounts.
  3. Install a monitored alarm system at your home to get lower home insurance premiums.
  4. Request for a review of your insurance rates if there have been significant changes in your history. For example, high auto insurance premiums because of a driving record which is now cleared or if you quit smoking to get lower life insurance premiums)
  5. Compare Insurance Quotes from leading insurers in Lanaudiere to get more value for your money. Check on insurance product coverage and features as well as price to choose the best package.


Get The Best Insurance Rates with Free Insurance Quotes

Comparing insurance products and prices does not need to be time-consuming or complex.

With Compare Insurances Online, a single online form can get you up to 3 free insurance quotes from leading insurers in Lanaudiere for your home or auto.

You lose nothing by filling-out our request form because you get free insurance quotes at no cost to you and no obligation on your part.

Take advantage of low insurance rates from our partner insurers for all types of insurance products.

Don’t wait another moment – request for free insurance quotes today for life insurance, home insurance, or automobile insurance.

Save time and money!

Compare Insurances Online is an online bid solicitation service for insurance brokers and direct insurers. Our network of partners covers Quebec: Montreal, Quebec, Laval, Longueuil, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières, Gatineau, etc. All types of insurance are available for all kinds of budgets.