The Top 12 Home Insurance Companies in Canada

  Home insurance is a necessity for every Canadian homeowner.  Not only is it required for homes with a mortgage but also for financial security in case [...]

Home & Total Loss Insurance: Rebuild Home or Buy?

Protect your home with adequate home insurance in the event that your home is declared a total loss. Can you rebuild your house based on its new [...]

Contents Insurance for your Home – What Should You Include in your Inventory?

Are you renting a house or just moved into a new home? Your tenant insurance or home insurance covers the contents of your home in case your [...]

What happens if I file a claim from my home insurance?

  Home insurance is a must for every home owner.  As the home is our most important material asset, we need to make sure that we have [...]

Understand Home Insurance Deductible and How It Affects your Premium

Nobody pays insurance bills with a smile. They are expensive and not likely to pay off unless something bad happens. It isn’t any different with home insurance [...]

Why do insurers need my credit score?

Insurance companies have been using credit scores for years to price insurance products.  In Canada, the practice of using credit scores for auto and property insurance is [...]

All Risk Insurance for your Home – Complete Home Insurance Solution

Many Canadian homeowners have home insurance policies. Unfortunately, most of them only have a vague idea of what their policy covers. Some also have many misconceptions about [...]

Replacing Lost or Damaged Property with Home and Contents Insurance

  Nobody wants his home to be burglarized. But if it does happen, home and contents insurance can help to minimize a home owner’s loss with replacement [...]

What are some things not covered by home insurance?

6 Things Your Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover Home insurance is on every homeowner’s shopping list every year.  Not only are homeowners told that it is essential to [...]

What are the types of cover needed from my home insurance?

Home insurance is insurance protection that every homeowner needs to buy.  Such policies protect the home and everything in it against theft, loss, and damage. You invested [...]

What Happens if Rebuilding Cost Exceeds Home Insurance Limit?

Home insurance is designed to protect the interests of a homeowner in case the home is partially or completely damaged.  The insurance coverage provides the cost for [...]

Rebuilding with Home Insurance After a Major Loss

After a home and its contents are lost to a disaster such as a fire, home insurance allows you to rebuild and pick up the pieces. The [...]

When will a home insurance company deny a claim for damage?

You purchased a home insurance policy and spent hundreds of dollars on premiums because you want peace of mind in case something bad happens. Imagine how you [...]

How does one choose a good home insurance company?

  A home is your biggest asset; it is very important to ensure the home is adequately insured to protect your investment. Every year, new and existing [...]

Why do I need landlord insurance for my triplex if my tenants already have tenant insurance?

Landlord insurance for homeowners in Canada who rent out their properties is critical. As a landlord, you are exposed to certain risks and you need coverage for [...]

Do I need condo insurance?

Do you own a condo unit? If yes, you definitely need condo insurance. Condo insurance is a type of home insurance specifically designed for condo owners.  It [...]

Is it important to get tenant insurance for the townhouse I am renting?

  If you are renting a townhouse or a condo, it is important to get tenant insurance. Tenant insurance, also known as renter’s insurance, covers contents of [...]

How Much Insurance Cover Should I Get for My House?

Buying a house is one of the biggest financial investments most Canadians make.  Your house is your largest equity and regardless of location, age, or quality, a [...]

How can I save on Home Insurance?

Home insurance is a necessity that homeowners can’t do without.  If you have a mortgage, your lender requires you to have comprehensive home insurance.  Even if you [...]

Does my homeowner’s insurance policy cover theft or damage during a move?

It is important to understand that not all home insurance policies cover loss or damage during a move.  Before relocation, you will need to check with your [...]

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