Get the cheapest quote for the best life insurance with this free online tool.

Get the cheapest quote for the best life insurance with this free online tool.

Are you looking for a cheap life insurance quote?

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Getting life insurance is a lot similar to buying a house or a car.

You have to spend a little time on research, compare prices, ask questions, and then make a buying decision.

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Read on to know more about the best life insurance products for you and how you can save on your insurance premiums.


Discover the important benefits of using this online life insurance platform


See the benefits of getting a life insurance quote after filling an online form.

Comparing insurances online has changed the way people obtain life insurance protection.

Because life insurance is not a topic that people are happy to discuss, many of us put it off until it is too late.

The older we get, the more expensive life insurance premiums become.

In the past, one had to meet with different agents and spend a lot of time understanding the lengthy presentations for each product before one can make a decision.

That is now a thing of the past.

With this free life insurance online form, you can:

  • Discover the best insurance solutions for you from your own home or office, 24/7.
  • You can connect with a life insurance broker who will shop for the most suitable product tailored to your needs.
  • Life insurance quote online- free and no commitment on your part!

In short, you don’t need to meet multiple insurance agents or waste time on the phone just to get insurance coverage.

Online life insurance quotes allow you to compare the many policies available in the market with a professional.


You can now protect your family without leaving your home or office.
After all, time is valuable and every moment we spend with family counts.


Plan for your family’s financial security today!


Benefits of using a comparison platform for life insurance vs. insurance websites

When you go directly to a life insurance company’s website, you will only see the products and prices offered by one company.

To compare with other insurers, you will need to visit more than one website.

By using a comparison platform like Compare Insurances Online, you get access to a multitude of insurers’ products and rates fast and free of charge with help from our partners.

Surely, this is a more convenient and hassle-free way of shopping for life insurance.

And the best part of it all – the service is completely free and no obligation!

One of our partners will give you an insurance quote after a careful research of available insurance products in the market.

You can request for term life insurance quote, whole life insurance quote, or life insurance quote without medical exam using the online form on this page.Shop insurance online with a professional to save on time and money.


Get FREE Term life and Whole life insurance quotes online

The moment you request for life insurance quotes online, you are already doing something good for your loved ones.

Life insurance is not a gift to yourself but rather a legacy you leave to the most important people in your life.

Life insurance can pay for living expenses like mortgage bills, medical bills, education, and final expenses including funeral costs and taxes.

In short, life insurance gives peace of mind that your family will be in good hands even after you are gone.

Life can bring the unexpected but life insurance can help take care of our dependents when life does not go as planned.

Firstly, understand the differences between term life and whole life insurance to make the best choice.


Term life insurance: How will it protect your family?

Term life insurance is the simplest type of life insurance.

The most important feature to understand regarding this type of policy is the term.

Term refers to the period of coverage of the insured.

In other words, you can get insurance protection for 5 years, 10 years, 15, years, or 20 years.

Term life insurance is a contract that guarantees you have insurance protection for a limited number of years.

A policyholder can renew the policy at the end of the term or lose coverage.

It is important to note that every time the policy is renewed, the insurance premiums rise.

An individual has the option to choose the term of coverage.

For entrepreneurs, it is ideal to get insurance protection for the period when financial responsibilities are at their peak – mortgage, business loans, credit cards, etc.

Many parents also take out term life insurance to cover the period when their children are in school to cover future educational expenses.

Of course, you can also choose to get term life insurance protection up to your retirement age or age 100.


Level or Decreasing Term
Term life insurance can have a level or decreasing term. 
If your policy has a level term, the amount of the death benefit does not change during the term. 
With a decreasing term, the death benefit decreases as the policy reaches the end of the term. 
Most consumers prefer to get a level term policy although individuals with needs for a limited period only may opt to get a decreasing term policy.


Naturally, a level term policy ensures a larger amount at the time of death but a decreasing term policy offers savings from premiums.

Some life insurance companies in Canada such as La Capitale offer clients a choice between a level or decreasing term.


The cost of term life insurance

Term life insurance is also the most affordable type of life insurance coverage.

You will pay less for your premiums if you buy coverage at a younger age.

Your premiums will also stay the same throughout your coverage.

If you have a 10-year term life insurance, your policy can be renewed at the end of 10 years but the price will be higher.

Why do the premiums increase with every renewal?

Since you have become older and may have developed certain medical conditions, you present a higher risk to the insurer.

Let us take a look at an example of a term life insurance policy and pricing**.


Age Gender Smoker Non-Smoker Term Amount Monthly Premium
39 Male X 10 years $400,000 $29.00
20 years $400,000 $46.00
Term 100 $400,000 $447.00
X 10 years $400,000 $61.00
20 years $400,000 $120.00
Term 100 $400,000 $600.00

** Data obtained from the TD Insurance site for illustration as of October 2019.


As you can see, the monthly premiums are significantly higher for smokers.

If you pass away with an active term life insurance policy, your designated beneficiaries will get a lump-sum amount, tax-free.

If you outlive your policy, you don’t get any benefits and your premiums are non-reimbursable.

Thus, you should renew your term life insurance to continue to enjoy protection or convert to whole life insurance while your policy is active.


What is the most suitable term for term life insurance protection?


Term life insurance is temporary protection that can protect your dependents for the period when your financial responsibilities are at their peak.

Many Canadians are unsure about the suitable term for term life insurance protection.

Is it better to get a 10-year, 20-year, or 100- year term?


Whatever term you select, remember that you enjoy advantages including:

  • Guaranteed death benefits up to the covered amount
  • Level payments throughout the term to help you plan your monthly budget
  • Option to renew for 10 and 20-year term without a need for medical exam up to age 80
  • Option to convert to whole or permanent life insurance coverage

To help you decide the right term for your coverage, consider the following benefits of 10, 20, and term 100 in the table below.


10-year term life insurance 20-year term life insurance Term-100 Insurance
For individuals with short-term financial responsibilities.

Student loans

  • Car loan
  • Mortgage loan that will be paid off in 10 years
  • Approaching retirement
For individuals with long-term financial responsibilities.

  • Newly-married or with young kids
  • Just bought a new house
  • Recently established a business
For individuals who desire lifetime insurance protection at a level cost.


It is important to understand that you can obtain term life insurance for 10 years to start your protection.

If the cost of premiums for whole life or term 100 insurance is out of reach, don’t hesitate to obtain 10-year term insurance for the meantime.

Keep in mind that having term life insurance, even if the amount is not very high, is better than having no insurance at all.

Don’t wait until later to get coverage and enjoy insurance protection today with term life insurance from reputable insurers.


Reasons why term life insurance is the #1 choice for Canadians


Term life insurance is cheap and easy to understand.

Term life insurance is relatively simple to understand.

The goal is clear: you want to leave a significant legacy for your loved ones in case of an unexpected death.

Term life insurance costs much less than whole life or permanent life insurance.

Since it is better to buy life insurance in your twenties or thirties, (at this time majority of us are still trying to be financially successful), it is easier to purchase term life at very low rates rather than permanent life insurance whose prices are prohibitive.

Further, term life insurance is available to supplement insurance coverage provided by employers.

Since you lose insurance benefits from your employer if you resign or retire, term life insurance is a great supplemental life insurance policy because of its affordability.

In short, term life insurance provides the following advantages:

  • Affordability: cheaper than other types of life insurance
  • Flexibility: with many options to choose from
  • Clarity: Easy to understand
  • Convertible: Can be converted to whole life insurance.


Ready to compare prices for your life insurance?

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Whole life insurance: Who is it for and what are its benefits?

Whole life insurance, like universal life insurance, is a type of permanent life insurance.

It is unlike term life insurance because it provides lifetime coverage and cannot be revoked, once issued, as long as payments are up to date.

Like term life insurance, a whole life insurance policy assures beneficiaries a certain amount in case of the insured’s death.


The benefits of whole life insurance include:

  • Lifetime coverage
  • Guaranteed death benefits
  • Premiums remain level throughout
  • Cash Value

Cash value is not the same as the death benefit.

It is available to the insured while living and can be borrowed and used for any purpose.

The cash value accumulates over time, tax-free, and the insured can withdraw it up to the maximum basis.

It can also be used as collateral for a loan with a third-party.

Thus, cash value provides an interesting way to accumulate savings.

Further, this type of policy may have dividends, depending on the insurer.

These dividends are tax-free which is also beneficial for your estate.

Indeed, whole life insurance offers many more exciting benefits than term life insurance but it is not for everyone.


Who should buy whole life insurance?

As exciting as whole life insurance may be, it is not recommended for all.

It is life insurance that is best for:

  1. People with high incomes who are looking for more tax-free investment strategies
    Because whole life insurance prices can be prohibitive, it is recommended only for people who have high incomes and have maximized their savings plans.
    Of course, even wealthy people should not buy it if they don’t need life insurance as they can also invest in annuities.
  1. Individuals in their 30s who need life insurance and can afford to pay more.
    Whole life insurance is also a good investment if you are buying a policy in your 30s and you can afford the premiums.
    This is because it guarantees your insurability for life.
    This means even if your health condition deteriorates in your 40s or 50s, you already have lifetime insurance coverage in place.
    Further, premiums are much lower when you are buying insurance in your 30s and locking-in this low price for life.
  1. Investment-savvy individuals looking for cash value from their insurance.
    There are riders and other components to a whole life insurance policy which can be confusing to the average consumer.
    In order to maximize the gains of whole life insurance, it is necessary to understand the investment component of the policy.
    You can also work with a financial advisor who can design a strategy for you to maximize the cash value.
    Whole life insurance is interesting for many consumers because it guarantees death benefits to your beneficiaries and provides you with living benefits as well.


The cost of whole life insurance: Factors that affect the price


Compare prices of term and whole life insurance online to find the best price for your life insurance coverage.

If you want to know the cost of whole life insurance, it is important to do some research on it.

Fortunately, we have already done it for you.

It is critical to compare policies and insurers because insurance is not unlike buying shoes – you can find a variety of colors, designs, materials, level of comfort, durability, etc.

When you want to buy shoes, you don’t just go to one store but rather look around and compare prices and features until you find the right one.

Life insurance is more expensive and more important than shoes so you need to be more analytical when it comes to choosing the right insurance.


Whole Life Insurance Quotes: It is not just a matter of price

Generally, whole life insurance can be 5 times more expensive than term life insurance for the same amount.

The reason for this huge difference is the assurance that you will receive CASH BENEFITS regardless of when you die.

You also receive living benefits which assures that your premiums are returned to you unlike term life insurance.

Keep in mind that PRICE is not the only thing you consider when buying whole life insurance.


Imagine if you are shopping for a car.
You don’t just decide based on price but consider other factors such as resale value, maintenance costs, gas consumption, mileage, etc.
The same also holds true for life insurance.


What are the factors to consider when comparing whole life insurance quotes?

You should look at the following variables:

  • ✔ Cost
  • ✔ Cash Value
  • ✔ Dividends
  • ✔ Guaranteed death benefits
  • ✔ The insurance company’s financial strength and reputation


Below are the principal factors that have an impact on the price of your whole life insurance:

  • ✔ The amount of coverage desired
  • ✔ How long you want to pay for your premiums and the frequency of payment
  • ✔ Age
  • ✔ Smoker or non-smoker
  • ✔ Alcohol consumption
  • ✔ Health condition


Your overall health and personal profile play a huge role in the cost of your life insurance.

The price goes up the older you get so it is advisable to look into the price for life insurance while you are young.

For illustration purposes, below is a table of average prices*/**/*** for whole life insurance for coverage of $250,000.


Age Male Female Cash Value at Age 65
Male / Female
Death Benefits at Age 65
Male / Female
25 $177.70 $155.73 $225,927 $197,960 $452,517 $448,225
30 $212.50 $189.00 $224,859 $174,093 $459,121 $408,740
35 $260.50 $218.55 $191,210 $160,158 $408,730 $392,254
40 $327.90 $263.60 $162,496 $129,863 $370,916 $345,510
45 $415.85 $328.85 $132,830 $103,670 $335,860 $311,930
50 $530.90 $420.85 $104,910 $81,415 $310,216 $292,490

* Prices were based on average prices of reputable Canadian insurers.
** These prices are not actual quotes as many factors are considered when calculating an actual quote for any individual.
*** Prices are for individuals in good health, non-smoker.


It is clear that prices for life insurance increase significantly as you age and cash value and death benefits are higher the younger you purchase your policy.

You can save money on premiums with these life insurance tips.

If you are interested in buying whole life insurance for you and your family’s protection, take action NOW.
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Reasons why whole life insurance prices are higher


What are the reasons that life insurance prices go up?

Many people often ask, why is whole life insurance so expensive?

First of all, whole life insurance is not just life insurance as you get so much more than death benefits.

Whenever you pay your premium, a portion of your money is put aside as an investment that accumulates over time.

Further, your whole life insurance policy can also pay you tax-free dividends which you can use to pay for your premiums or receive it as cash payouts.

Not a few people are turned off by the fact that for term life insurance, you could pay premiums for 20 years and get nothing back if you outlive your policy.

While this is the primary reason for its much lower cost, many people still want to get more from life insurance than death benefits.

Whole life insurance, therefore, offers life insurance protection PLUS investment savings, making it an ideal choice for those who can afford the price and understand how its benefits can increase their retirement savings.


How to balance the costs of insurance vs. your benefits

Because the price of whole life insurance is significantly higher than term life coverage for the same amount, the bottom line for many individuals in the cost of the premiums.

When choosing your insurance, the price must not be the only basis of your decision.

You can achieve a balance between adequate financial protection vs. cost by buying a combination of whole life and term life insurance.

Surrendering a life insurance policy because you can no longer afford the premiums is not an ideal option.

Thus, it is important to choose the insurance coverage that you can afford to pay in a timely and consistent manner.


Keep in mind that your insurance protection is only beneficial to you for as long as you can keep the policy active.

If your budget allows it, the benefits of whole life insurance coverage definitely make up for the additional cost.

If you are keen on getting whole life or permanent life insurance coverage but cannot afford it right now, don’t hesitate to go for a term life insurance policy.

The important thing is to guarantee your insurability now and perhaps you can convert to a whole life insurance policy later when the circumstances are right.

You can find more tips for buying life insurance from the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC).


Whole life insurance OR Term Life Insurance: How to choose the right one for you

Even without the investment aspect, whole life insurance offers more than term life insurance because it protects you throughout your life.

Compared to term life insurance which covers you only for 5, 10, or 20 years, a whole life insurance policy guarantees your benefits for a lifetime.

While whole life insurance has lifetime protection, cash value, and dividends, it does cost 5 to 10 times more than term life insurance.

Therefore, you must weigh its pros and cons before you make your decision.


You may be quite healthy now that you are young but it could be a very different situation 10 years from now.

Health problems can make you uninsurable or at the very least multiply the cost even of term life insurance.

Buying whole life insurance coverage now even for a minimum amount is a fantastic way of securing insurance that will last your entire life.

It is also possible to increase the amount of your protection at any time when you are in a better financial situation.

Don’t forget that you can always supplement a whole life insurance policy with a term life insurance policy at any time.

The best way to know what type of insurance policy is right for you is to compare multiple quotes from insurers or insurance brokers.

Our partners will be happy to provide you with your insurance options that are tailored to your individual needs and budget.

Fill out the form on this page to connect with an insurance professional who can help you look for the right insurance for you.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Life Insurance

The matter of life insurance is so important that it deserves careful consideration and planning, preferably with help from a life insurance broker who can provide valuable advice to help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

We want to help you get the right insurance policy that meets your needs.

Below you will find the most common questions about life insurance that can steer you in the right direction and help you make the best insurance decision.


Do I need life insurance?

If someone depends on you for financial support, you need to plan how he or she will manage financially without you.

Do you provide for your elderly parents, young children, or spouse?

If yes, you need life insurance.

If you also carry financial responsibilities like debts that can be a burden to loved ones if you die unexpectedly, life insurance can also be a way to protect them.

But even if you are single and without dependents, life insurance can be useful in setting aside funds to pay for funeral expenses, debts, and other final expenses.


Do I need a personal life insurance policy if I have a policy with my employer?

Many companies provide life insurance as part of their benefits and compensation package.

In general, the insured amount is based on your salary (1 or 2x). In many cases, the insured amount will not be adequate insurance protection for your dependents or your financial situation.

Insurance from your employer (usually group life insurance) is a good way to obtain insurance benefits if you cannot afford it on your own.

However, you can supplement it with a personal insurance policy such as term life insurance.


What is the cheapest form of life insurance?

There are different types of life insurance in the market but term life insurance is the simplest and cheapest one.

It is basic insurance wherein you pay a premium in exchange for death benefits if you die within the term of the policy.

Term life insurance policies are sold in specific coverage periods – 5, 10, 20, 30, or 100 years.

If the term expires, you need to renew the policy to continue enjoying insurance benefits.

What is a good price for life insurance?

There is no single price for individuals for life insurance.

The price of your premium is calculated based on individual factors such as age, health status, lifestyle, employment, and other factors along with the type of policy and amount desired.

A good price for life insurance is one that you can afford to pay in exchange for an insured amount that is adequate for your dependents or any other benefits you can derive (living benefits) if any.


How can I get cheaper life insurance?

The best way to get cheaper life insurance is to buy insurance as early as possible.

The cost of your premiums rise the older you get because of higher risks to the insurer.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding high-risk activities such as extreme sports and car racing, and staying fit and healthy also help to lower your insurance premiums.

Aside from this, you can also get cheaper life insurance by comparing multiple life insurance quotes online using a digital platform such as Compare Home Quotes to find the best price.


How much is a $25,000 life insurance policy?

The price of a $25,000 life insurance policy will be calculated based on age, gender, occupation, health status, and other personal criteria and on the term of the policy.

For example, a 30-year old individual can pay as little as $7.67 for a $25,000 term life insurance if in good health, non-smoking/drinking, and employed in a low-risk occupation.


Which life insurance company has the best rates?

Insurers are competitive and offer comparable rates but with additional features and benefits.

The best way to find a life insurance company with the best rate is to compare actual online quotes from insurers or brokers.

Some of the most popular life insurance companies include Sun Life Insurance Canada, Equitable Life, La Capitale, RBC Insurance, and The Cooperators, among others.

You can check the list of top 20 life insurance companies in Canada for more information.


When is the best time to buy life insurance?

Ideally, the best time to buy life insurance is in your 20s.

Premiums cost much lower for whole life or term life insurance the younger you are.

You are also in the pink of health during this time so there are no health risks that could increase the price.

Because young people generally earn less as they are just starting in their careers, the cost of insurance becomes a burden.

Don’t let price stop you from getting insurance protection and find a good term life insurance policy you can afford.


Why do I need an insurance broker to buy life insurance?

There are several ways you can buy life insurance and one of them is through an insurance broker.

Although it is not required, an insurance broker offers advantages you can’t get if you buy from an agent, direct insurance, or an insurer’s website.

Only an insurance broker provides you with the opportunity to get access to multiple insurance policies and prices that you can compare until you find the best one for you.

If you go directly to a direct insurer, captive agent, or an insurance company, you can only access their own insurance products and you can’t really compare until you ask for quotes from several sources.

This would be time-consuming and confusing for you.

An insurance broker is familiar with all the insurance products in the market and will get quotes for suitable coverage to find one that suits your needs and budget.

He works for you, not for any specific insurance company.

Most importantly, you won’t have to pay anything to an insurance broker.

Find out more about how an insurance broker can be an advantage when shopping for life insurance.


How much do I need for life insurance?

Choosing the amount you need for life insurance must be done after an examination of your current and future financial needs together with the financial resources that you have.

You need to ask yourself how much your family will need in the future to survive if you are not around to provide for their needs.

Your assessment must consider the income and savings of your spouse as well as other life insurance policies both of you own.

This can be difficult for a person to ascertain on his own.

For this reason, many people rely on trusted and experienced professionals such as financial advisors or insurance brokers to assist them in finding the best life insurance policy to buy.


What happens to my payments when my term life insurance policy expires?

Term life insurance covers you for a specific period which could be from 5 years or longer.

The primary reason why it is the cheapest life insurance available is because of its simplicity.

It pays death benefits only if the insured dies during the term of the policy.

When your term life insurance expires, you can renew it with your insurer or obtain another policy from a different insurer.

Your premium payments are non-refundable and the policy has no cash value.


5 Common Mistakes to avoid when shopping for life insurance


Avoid life insurance mistakes to save money and ensure adequate benefits for your dependents.

To make sure you buy the right amount of life insurance you need and don’t overpay for your life insurance, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

  1. Buying an expensive life insurance policy you can’t afford and getting only the minimum amount.
    It is easy to get excited about the benefits of permanent life insurance.
    While whole life or universal life insurance comes with additional bells and whistles, the price is 5 or more times higher than term life insurance.
    It is important to get the adequate amount of life insurance your family needs for protection.
    If whole life insurance premiums are too expensive for you to pay in the long run, it is better to get term life insurance for a higher amount.
    Keep in mind that term life insurance is convertible to whole life insurance when you are in a better position financially.
    The important thing is not to be underinsured as that will beat the purpose of your life insurance which is to ensure your dependents have enough to live if you should die unexpectedly.


  1. Providing incomplete or inaccurate information on your request for an insurance quote or your life insurance application.
    When shopping for life insurance quotes online, you need to provide pertinent information about yourself.
    This is important because the insurance products that will be recommended to you as well the price of your premiums will be tailored to your information.
    If you provide inaccurate information, your life insurance needs may not be satisfactorily met.
    Most importantly, the insurer can refuse the claim if it is proven that you were untruthful in your life insurance application.


  1. Working with a captive life insurance agent.
    It is important to be able to compare the different types of policies in the market and prices from various insurers when shopping for life insurance.
    If you work with a captive agent (meaning the person only represents 1 insurer), you won’t be able to effectively compare products and prices to choose based on your needs and budget.
    The best thing to do is to obtain multiple quotes from a reliable and independent platform life Compare Insurances Online or with a reputable insurance broker.


  1. Choosing the wrong type of insurance policy.
    In general, there are two types of life insurance – term life and permanent life.
    Under these two categories are many different types of policies.
    It is important to understand the key differences between these two types of life insurance.
    Before you choose, you need to ask yourself what you want or need from your insurance.
    Are you happy with death benefits that could pay for the mortgage in case of death?
    Do you simply want funds to pay for your final expenses?
    In both scenarios, term life insurance may be sufficient.
    If you are looking for more from your insurance policy such as cash value or investment funds, you may want to consider permanent life insurance.
    If you are unsure which type of life insurance is more suitable for you, it is advisable to work with a life insurance broker who can explain to you the nuances of these products, guide you in your purchase, and ensure that you are adequately covered.


  1. Delaying the purchase of your life insurance.
    Life happens. Many unexpected things can wreak havoc on our plans and our future.
    Death is something we all know will come but we don’t know when.
    For this reason, you should never delay the purchase of your life insurance because you don’t know when you will need it.
    The best way to handle it is to be prepared.
    Many people postpone dealing with life insurance because it is not pleasant to talk about.
    For others, it is an expense that can wait.
    If you don’t have much money to spend on life insurance at the moment, you can buy a policy that provides you with some coverage and just augment it later on when your finances improve.
    Keep in mind that some insurance is better than no insurance.
    It is critical to ensure that your family won’t be left out in the cold if something unexpected happens.


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