How to choose which critical illness insurance – including cancer – you need in 2023?

  WHICH LIFE INSURANCE PLAN TO CHOOSE AS PROTECTION AGAINST CRITICAL ILLNESS INCLUDING CANCER?   As soon as symptoms of a disease begin to affect you, your [...]

Is it harder for a cancer survivor to get life or disability insurance?

Find the answers to your questions about life insurance after cancer or other serious illnesses. Do life insurance companies cover survivors? Are prices for such coverage more [...]

Why is critical illness insurance for children becoming more and more popular?

  ACCOMPANY YOUR CHILD IN THE HOSPITAL WITHOUT FINANCIAL WORRIES! No expense is minor when your child is critically ill. For example, the cost of parking your [...]

Why is it important to take out critical illness insurance?

  MENTAL HEALTH: 50% OF CANADIAN CITIZENS HAVE A PROBLEM More and more people are affected by mental health problems.  Maybe it has not happened to you, [...]

Life Insurance with Critical Illness

Considering recent advancements in medicine, more people today survive serious illnesses.  Medical costs related to treatment and recovery will put a family’s financial resources under extreme duress. [...]


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