Protect your loved ones with life insurance from a financial security advisor in Longueuil.


Protect your loved ones with life insurance from a financial security advisor in Longueuil.


If you are in your 40s and doing a review of your finances, you can benefit from the expertise and advice of financial security advisors in Longueuil.

It is important for any individual to review his financial situation and have a financial plan which includes life insurance for the protection of his family, business, or dependents if he should suddenly die.

Not everybody is good with numbers or forecasts. A financial security advisor is experienced and skilled at looking at the big financial picture and recommending insurance solutions to meet our financial goals.

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Financial Security Advisors: For Savings, Insurance, and Retirement Planning


Financial security advisors in Longueuil can advise you how to maximize your savings, plan your insurance coverage, and tailor strategies to build wealth for your retirement.

With the help of a professional, you can feel more confident about your life and your ability to handle risks or challenges to your finances.

Isn’t a financial security advisor only for the rich and famous? Definitely, no. It is the average citizen like you and me who needs the guidance of a financial security advisor to ensure that we can save enough money and be protected with adequate life insurance to sustain our family in case of death or to last us through retirement!


Who needs a Financial Security Advisor in Longueuil?

 You need a financial security advisor if:

  • You are worried about providing for your dependents if you should pass away;
  • You don’t understand much about savings programs or life insurance;
  • You are not satisfied with your insurance policy, your premiums, or your coverage;
  • You are not happy with the savings you have accumulated after working for a number of years;
  • You are planning your retirement fund;
  • You are taking on a huge project such as a home purchase or putting up a business;
  • You plan to make an investment;
  • You want to know if you are doing the right things to secure your financial future.

In short, most people would need to speak to a Financial Security Advisor to help plan their life and finances. Are you ready to take that step?

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5 Ways Financial Security Advisors in Longueuil can save you money

During your initial meeting, a financial security advisor in Longueuil will ask you what your goals or objectives are financially. He will ask you what type of savings accounts you have. This is because he needs to see the overall picture of your financial health and if your money is growing enough to build up your retirement fund.

He also wants to make certain that you are not under or over insured by asking you about your life insurance, health insurance, and other insurance policies.

Once he has all of the relevant details that tell the story of your financial situation, he can help you plan your future and save money in 5 simple ways:


Save with your life insurance

If you have a term life insurance that is expiring soon, he will advise you on whether to renew it or convert to a permanent life insurance policy.

Renewing your term life insurance coverage will result in an increase in your premiums. He can look for a suitable coverage or buy a whole life insurance so you get lifetime coverage. He will present to you the costs and explain the pros and cons of each option so you can choose the right solution for your needs. In the end, you will be saving money with a smarter investment in the right life insurance for the best price and allocate funds to provide for your family with death benefits or cash value benefits.


If you are 45 years old with a term life insurance that expires in 3 years, he can advise you to convert it to whole life insurance now while you are younger.  Doing so will benefit you through lower premiums rather than waiting for another 3 years. If your insured amount is not sufficient to cover the current lifestyle of your family, he will advise you to increase your insured amount, let’s say from $250,000 to $500,000.

Although you will be paying more for a whole life insurance policy, you will SAVE because your policy will have cash value which you can use later for retirement or emergencies.  Further, your premiums will never increase so you save money again from renewals.

With longer life expectancy for Canadians, it is important that you don’t outlive your life insurance policy unless you have sufficient wealth to leave to your loved ones.


Save with your mortgage insurance.

A financial security advisor will ask if you have a mortgage and if you are paying for mortgage insurance with your lender.  If so, he will advise you to use your life insurance for mortgage protection because it is cheaper.

Your mortgage insurance has level premiums until your balance is fully paid but the insured amount goes down as you pay down your loan.  It will only pay your lender and your beneficiaries get nothing.

In contrast, if you use life insurance for your mortgage protection, your insured amount and your premiums stay the same. At your death, the policy will pay the balance of your mortgage and the remaining cash goes to your beneficiaries.

This strategy is a great way to save on premiums while leaving a legacy to your loved ones.


If Frank has a mortgage for P380, 000 and is paying $129.60 monthly for mortgage insurance while subscribed to a whole life insurance policy, he can save over $4,000 in 3 years by using his life insurance for mortgage protection. A mortgage insurance broker or a financial security advisor can help you find the most affordable and effective mortgage insurance that can save you money, too!

Plan for a critical illness or long-term care.

Unfortunately, life can bring havoc with an unexpected diagnosis for a critical illness. If your group or life insurance does not cover it, your family could suffer severe financial consequences. Your advisor can help you plan how to cope with critical illness through an effective critical illness insurance coverage. Long-term care insurance can also be a tool for preparing for a possible prolonged health care. Your advisor will map out a plan that will protect you with the most affordable solutions.

You can save a lot of money with critical illness insurance coverage and long-term care insurance and have peace of mind.

Find out how you can choose critical illness insurance for peace of mind with your financial security advisor.


Maximize your savings.

Your financial security advisor will check if you are taking advantage of available savings programs such as the RESP, RRSP, and Quebec Pension Plans so you can maximize your savings.  These savings can be for the education of your children or for your retirement.  He will also advise you on ways you can set aside an emergency fund for sudden events that could jeopardize your finances by looking at your spending habits and expenses.

Learn everything you need to know about RRSPs from Retraite Quebec.


Save on taxes.

There are tax-advantaged accounts that can help you save on taxes. Your financial security advisor will map out a strategy where you can benefit by paying lower taxes. For example, Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) allows you to place a maximum of $6,000 a year for tax benefits.

As you can see, a financial security advisor can help you to improve your financial health and give you confidence to face the future!


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5 Risks in Retirement: How a Financial Security Advisor can help

A solid retirement plan will help you to plan your financial security.  But as we all know, even well-laid plans can go wrong due to unexpected or unknown events.  We can’t always prevent them from happening but with good planning, you can control the risks with help from a Financial Security Advisor.

If you are interested in consulting a financial security advisor for retirement planning, he will present to you the most common risks in retirement:

Taxes: Taxes can cause your savings to go awry. A financial security advisor can help you minimize taxes on your savings or investments.

Inflation: Increasing prices due to inflation can dwindle your savings if you don’t plan well. A sizable nest-egg from 10 years ago may not last as long as you expected.

Market volatility Market fluctuations can wreak havoc on your assets and affect your expected income. Poor market performance during retirement will have a huge impact on how long your money lasts.

Unforeseen events: The unexpected life events can affect your finances significantly. A contingency plan will help you prepare for the unexpected.  Critical illness, disability, and other risks can be addressed by your advisor with tailored solutions so you can have peace of mind.

Longevity: Canadians now have a longer life expectancy. It is important to plan on living longer and assume to need more wealth for retirement.

 It is difficult to save money but a financial expert like a financial security advisor can help you identify ways you can save more for your retirement. A good financial security advisor will keep you on track with your financial goals so you can have a worry-free retirement


What to look for in a Financial Security Advisor?

 You will be talking about money, investments, insurance, and savings with a Financial Security Advisor. This critical and sensitive information is not shared with just anyone! You need to make sure you are speaking to a qualified Financial Security Advisor in Longueuil with the proper credentials.

In Quebec, anybody who practices as a Financial Security Advisor must be registered with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF).


When hiring an advisor, look for:

  • extensive experience in insurance, mutual funds, and other financial markets
  • excellent communications skills and a great personality
  • listens and understands what the client desires or needs
  • looks out for the best interests of the client


Signs that you have a good financial security advisor

You will know that you are dealing with a good financial security advisor if:

  • He asks pertinent questions about you and your finances
  • He listens to what you have to say
  • He answers your questions honestly and transparently
  • He asks you about your knowledge of the financial market
  • He gives you a financial plan in writing with clear objectives
  • He is easy to reach and promptly replies to your concerns

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in Longueuil and throughout Quebec. They have been carefully screened based on credentials, experience, track record, personality, and service.

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Learn how life insurance can be your powerful financial tool

Life insurance is a versatile and powerful financial tool! It offers a flexible combination of taxable and non-taxable benefits that can improve your financial health and provide financial security to your loved ones.

Life insurance can be used to meet the difficult challenges in life, as follows:

Soften the pain and negative effects of death.

When a breadwinner dies unexpectedly, family members would be concerned with how they would survive the emotional and financial loss. Life insurance benefits can provide money for the family to have a secure future.  It can also be used to pay expenses associated with death such as funeral fees, taxes, and debts.

Protect your family.

Life insurance can protect the family in a myriad of ways – as a tax shelter for money in the policy, protect against tax erosion, build long-term wealth, and for money that can be used in retirement.

Tax-free and creditor-proof

You can leave tax-free money to your heirs with life insurance which can be creditor-proof. Nobody that is not designated in the insurance contract can get hold of the insurance money.

Build wealth.

Certain permanent life insurance policies can help you build wealth. Both whole life and universal life insurance accumulates cash value. Certain policies also pay-out dividends and some have an investment component that can earn money which can grow over time.

Protect your business.

Life insurance can be used to protect your business by paying for debts, buying out partnerships, and even ensure continued operation in case of an untimely death.

Life insurance is misunderstood by many individuals because it is a subject that few people want to talk about.  With the right insurance policy and guidance from a financial security advisor or insurance broker, you can use life insurance as an important tool in your financial planning to secure your future.

Learn about the different types of life insurance and their benefits!

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Term life insurance or permanent life insurance? Ask a Financial Security Advisor

Should I buy term life insurance or permanent life insurance? This is a question most people ask when buying life insurance. This is not an easy decision because you need to think of your goals, your finances, the cost of the premiums, the benefits you receive from the policy, and your personal situation. This is where a reliable Financial Security Advisor in Longueuil can help you.

You see, a Financial Security Advisor will take the time to study your case and point out what you will get and pay for if you choose term life or permanent life insurance.

In brief, a term life insurance policy will provide you with coverage for 10, 15, or 20 years. There is also term life 100 which can cover you up to age 100. Term life insurance is the cheapest type of life insurance in the market but it only pays death benefits (this means if you outlive your policy, your beneficiaries get nothing.) Further, term life insurance has no cash surrender value which means if you cancel your policy, you don’t get your premiums back.

Permanent life insurance gives lifetime coverage. It is much more expensive than term life insurance but it builds cash value and may pay dividends, depending on the type of policy.


Here are some tips your advisor can give you:

If you are in your 30s but can’t afford whole life insurance, he may advise you to get term life insurance for 15 or 20 years
and convert that to whole life insurance later. Because your premiums are lower when you are younger,
he will tell you not to delay and protect your insurability while you are still in good health.

If you are in your 30s and making a good income, he may advise you to buy whole life insurance now
 so you can lock-in a lower premium for life and get lifetime coverage.

Whichever you situation is, he will study your best options and give you the best advice with the end goal of getting the best protection at the lowest possible price!


Frequently Asked Questions from Financial Security Advisors or Brokers

We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions from consumers for financial security advisors and insurance brokers.  We aim to help you understand better so you can make the right decisions about hiring a financial security advisor or buying life insurance for your protection.


What is the difference between a financial security advisor and an insurance broker?

A Financial Security Advisor is a professional who will look over your financial situation to help you identify the right financial products to meet your financial goals. They sell life insurance products and capital guaranteed segregated funds, He aims to help you meet risks with financial solutions including life insurance and propose ways to build your savings.

An Insurance Broker is focused on your insurance needs. For instance, if you are applying for a mortgage, he can look for the best mortgage insurance product among the many insurance providers so you can save time and money.


Why do I need a financial security advisor?

If you are trying to build enough wealth for your retirement or worried that you don’t have enough money to leave your family if you die suddenly, a financial security advisor can help you significantly. If you are a business owner, he can make sure your insurance coverage is adequate for your liabilities and your dependents. Regardless of your age or social status, a financial security advisor can help you plan your finances so you can be more financially prepared for life.  If you feel you are not saving enough for the future, you can benefit from advice of a financial security advisor.


Can I be refused life insurance?

Unfortunately, yes. Some people become uninsurable for a variety of reasons. Do you have a dangerous profession or a dangerous extra-curricular activity? Insurers can refuse coverage for these reasons.


Can I get life insurance even if I am not in perfect health?

A person needs to undergo a medical check-up and provide personal information on his application. Individuals with health conditions can still qualify for insurance but the premiums may become too high. Some life insurance policies (guaranteed issue) don’t require a medical check-up but the premiums are significantly higher.


What are the fees charged by an insurance broker or financial security advisor?

Insurance brokers and financial security advisors don’t charge professional fees to consumers. Their clients receive a valuable service, free of charge. However, their services are compensated by the insurance companies from whom their clients buy financial products such as life insurance.


Do I need to prepare documents when meeting with a financial security advisor?

As a financial security advisor would need to know your financial situation, it would be helpful to be ready with statements of participation in pension funds, insurance policies, and other relevant documents.


Will an insurance broker be working for me or for an insurance company?

An independent insurance broker has a network of insurers he transacts with but he is not beholden to any company in particular. He works for his client – that’s you- and will look for the best insurance that meets your requirements and budget.  Although his compensation comes from the insurer through a commission, he will not be loyal to any specific company because he will be compensated no matter which insurance company you buy your policy from.


Are insurance brokers regulated in Quebec?

Yes, insurance brokers in good standing are members of the Regroupement des cabinets de courtage d’assurance du Québec (RCCAQ)  and are governed by the Insurance Brokers Act.


Do I need an individual life insurance if I already have group insurance?

Group insurance is provided by your company or organization and is active for as long as you are a member of good standing.  When you resign or retire, you lose your group life insurance benefits although it can be converted to an individual insurance policy within a specific number of days, depending on the insurer.  It is best to remember that group life insurance provided by your company is usually not sufficient in itself. It is always better to supplement a group life policy with an individual insurance policy so that you remain covered even if you lose your group insurance. A financial security advisor will be able to explain to you in more details.


What is cash surrender value of a permanent life insurance policy?

Permanent life insurance such as whole life insurance will generally have a cash surrender value which refers to the money you will get if you cancel the policy. This is one of the major benefits of permanent life insurance which cannot be found in term life insurance.  However, you should always speak to a financial security advisor before you cancel an insurance contract to get the cash value to know about the financial consequences and tax implications. If you are canceling a policy because you need money, a financial security advisor may advise you to take out a loan against the cash value instead so that you can keep your coverage active.


Can I save money when I buy insurance from an insurance broker?

Definitely, yes. An insurance broker will work hard to find the best insurance coverage that your budget can afford. Because he deals with many insurers and refers a huge volume of business, he can help you get better rates or lower premiums.


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